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We, The Women Are Stronger – The Sweet Scuffles Of Sexes!

It’s natural, no one knows the exact reason why one loves to show how stronger and capable he/she is! And yes, let me remind you it’s not just a human tendency but even animals do certain things to declare their superiority. I am sure you have seen Discovery Channel! Well, let’s talk us, how many times we have found women trying to be better than men and vise versa? Many a times, and believe me some of their moves to be the number one are so sweet to be ignored.

Here are the moves which I have come across people who wants to prove that they rule baby. Start imagining these:

  1. I Am The Taller!

That weird smile your brother gives when you are unable to pick the cookie jar from the top most kitchen cupboard.

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  1. We Share A Bond!

When your husband takes care of your toddler, who is crying for minutes together. You enter the room, pick your baby in arms and he is quite! That lady swag you have!

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  1. I Am, The Solution!

In a sibling quarrel, the parent who resolves the issue feels.. oh yeah, I am the one! And often tends to say, “Apne hi bigad ke rakha hai bachon ko!”

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  1. We, Women Are Powerful!

When you are helping your friend shifting his place and he suggests not to carry heavy boxes, because girls can’t you see! And there you are boosted with all the universal energy to carry all those boxes.

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  1. Because I Am The Best!

You have just watched an amazingly romantic movie with your boyfriend and he is all flattered on the actress for her bold moves. That night you tell him, “Baby, Have you watched Fifty Shades Of Grey?”

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  1.  Oh, They Are Too Delicate To Handle!

Your vehicle has ditched you in the middle of a road and you are unable to get it started. I see many boys standing by to offer the help as they think it’s not women’s cup of tea.

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No matter, the world may go upside down, but we would not stop stating our respective gender as the superior ones but let me remind you that there are organisations who work for gender equality so, keep it zipped! But you know what, these battle of sexs are sweet at times isn’t?  😉

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