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Wedding Night Gift Ideas For Your Man!

Gifts are one of the simplest ways to let someone know how much you love them. But, picking any random gift, wrapping it beautifully and giving it with a smile won’t work, especially if you are giving it to your husband on your first wedding night. A gift can make your first wedding night memorable or ruin it completely. So, put some genuine, sweet and some naughty efforts to choose gift for your beloved husband.

Here are few suggestion which can ease your confusion:

  • Romantic Gift Basket: Make a basket filled with dark chocolates, wine and stuff your husband really loves. You can also put some pictures of both you together in the basket. Give him a surprise by placing the basket with a card and quietly see him getting him melt with the warmth of your love. Isn’t it a great way to start your new life?
  • Some Cool Gadget: If your man is gadget freak…the best wedding gift can be a really cool phone with some funky accessories which he can use on a regular basis or a tablet. Be warned that he may end up spending more time with the gadget than with you.
  • Accessory (Tie, Belt, Wallet, Sun Glasses or Watch): Men never say this out loud but they love to show off their expensive accessories, whether it’s an expensive tie, cool belt, watch, or sun glasses. Gift is a collection of expensive accessories to use on regular day. I bet he will never stop thanking you for gifting him an expensive watch.
  • Spa and massage voucher: Marriage is not a simple affair! You go through hell before the day, on the day and after the wedding day. So, by gifting him or yourself as well, a complete spa and massage therapy, you can revive your energies again and help each other enjoy the bliss of marriage.
  • Something special: Ok, so if you know your husband and his wishes, you can actually think of a way to making a few of his wishes true, if not all. For instance, planning a honeymoon to his favorite destination, gifting him a vintage wine bottle or some very expensive whiskey, getting a bit bold on the first night and taking the first step to making love or anything. Wishes vary from man to man.

Getting a gift for your man can be a really difficult task. But, this can be fun if you just open yourself a bit and experiment. Gifts can be a really good way to confess your message of love on your wedding night.

We have given you enough ideas, its now your turn to spice up your wedding night. Best of Luck!! XOXO!!

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