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Wedding Shopping checklist – Do you have it all?

Preparing for the D Day seems like a Never-Ending Task! So what if you have already decided the groom and have prepared yourself for a lifetime of commitment, there still remains a lot of drama, running around and anxiety left before you actually get married. Shopping… I know we women simply love to shop, but when it comes to shopping for a purpose, we get simply baffled and end up either not buying anything or buying things that are not needed. But hey… with your wedding date closing up, and your wedding planner taking his course to giving your wedding the perfect fairytale look, it is your chance to gear up and get your packs ready for your wedding shopping. And yes… shopping can be fun if you have it all planned out rightly. So stop running every place and simply cut the last minute drama of emergencies and panic attacks by shopping all your essentials in a well planned out manner. Who knows, the stress can actually cause a tiny little pimple on your face, just before your wedding day.

The checklist

No matter how much you shop and fill your bags, you still feel them lacking of soo much more. Here is your simple and quick solution to your problem. Prepare your wedding kits perfectly and you can breathe in fresh air without getting into the stress attack trap.

Tip 1: Make your shopping List slowly and thinking about every single thing you need.

Tip 2: Keep a realistic budget for your shopping.

Wedding Shopping checklist




First things first! You cannot survive a minute if you don’t have the right lingerie with you in your bag. So, go to your favorite lingerie shop (sadly we don’t have Victoria secret here.. L) and pick up all essentials.

  • Bra: Buy almost 5-6 of them so you don’t have to worry about them when you go for your honeymoon J. (Guess wat… will u be actually wearing them in your honeymoon??)
  • Underwear: Buy regular underpants, thongs, and anything more you need.
  • Hosiery: Buy an extra one, in case you may need them.
  • Body shapers: Keep your body look toned with them.
  • Slip: Buy inners and slips of various colors that you may need to wear within your dresses and tops.
  • Night wear: Buy a couple of comfortable night gowns or pajamas. And yes, plz don’t forget to buy something sexy for seducing your partner on your first night J




Avoid the – What to wear thought, after your marriage by packing almost every type of garment in your bag. Here are a few things you will need for sure!

  • Saree: The after wedding yagnas and a few customary functions like Muh Dikhai and all, may require you to wear a traditional saree. So, having a few, easy to drape sarees is a must.
  • Dresses: Ok… yes you are now in your hubby’s home, but that doesn’t mean you can get back into your shorts and pajamas instantly. Include a few traditional dresses in your wedding bag that can be worn whenever you are surrounded by guests.
  • Kurtas: The best of all – include as many kurtas as you can in your wedding bag for times when you are out with your cousins for dinners. It may look a bit rude to wear your jeans and t-shirt soon after your marriage.
  • Party gowns: Oh, weddings mean parties, cocktail nights and more hangouts with your friends. So, you surely need a few classy party gowns or cocktail dresses to look the gorgeous beautiful newly wedded bride.
  • Casual wear: Once you are back to your regular life, you will need some new casual wear clothes, such as trousers, tops, shirts, long skirts, jackets and more. So, also opt to buy a few casual wear clothes for your post-wedding wardrobe.

Actually, its not bad at all to include your old wardrobe! But make sure you have a few new ones to give you the bridal feeling even a month after the wedding.


shoe accessories


For a complete look, you always need some basic accessories that compliment your overall appearance.

  • Shawls and shrugs: Choose warm shawls and shrugs of basic colors that can be worn on almost all types of clothes. Buy warm shrugs for your western clothes and kashmiri shawls for your Indian wear.
  • Shoes: Choose to buy regular casual wear shoes, ranging from flats, sandals, peep toes and high heels. Make sure you have a collection that can be worn with all types of clothes you wear.
  • Hair pins and Bands: Marriage can turn you from an organized girl into a messy wife, especially if you don’t have the things you actually need to look perfect. Carry a box of hair pins, bands and rubber bands to tie your hair in whatever style you need.


jwellery boxSource

Weddings mean a shower of gold and diamond jewelries. Amazingly, we women simply love it and can never get tired of wearing those diamond and designer gold jewelries. So, when shopping your wedding stuff, make sure you also have some of these jewelries.

  • Rings: Buy classy diamond and gold rings that can be worn with both casual and traditional clothes.
  • Neckpieces: Buy junk, stylish and gold neckpieces for your casual as well as traditional clothes.
  • Earrings: Choose studs, and simple earrings to match your newly shopped clothes.
  • Bracelets: If you love accessories, bracelets are a must. Buy ones with modern designs to look trendy.
  • Watch: Choose at least 2 watches that you can wear regularly for a perfect look.

Make up

Makeup Kit


A shopping checklist is always incomplete unless you have some makeup essentials in them. So, here is a list of things you need to shop for looking fresh and glowing every single day after marriage.

  • Vanity box: Buy everything from primers, concealers, foundation, compact powder, blush, lipsticks, lip gloss, eye shadows, kajal, mascara, makeup brushes, nail polish and makeup remover.
  • Hairdos: For your hair, get yourself a good hair brush, hair straightener, dryer, and hair spray.
  • Sanitary bag: Include everything from your soap, facewash, creams, body lotions, lip balms, Vaseline, sanitary napkins or tampons, shampoo and conditioner.

And lastly, a Cookery book

Ok, so if you are not a cooking expert and still wish to cook new cuisines for your in-laws and hubby, get yourself a nice cooking book that can guide you from A to Z about cooking.

With this, the wedding shopping checklist comes to an end. It’s a small…yet extended list of everything a beautiful bride like you may need. So, happy Wedding darling!

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