Weekend Activities to Do With Your Best Friend

She has been there for you for as long as you remember, picking up the broken pieces of your heart every time a guy would dump you. She cut her hair short to match your disastrous hairdo after a horror visit to the salon and she supported you whenever you went on a new diet.
She was there to hold your hand when you lost a dear member of your family and she never judged you for those wild night outs with too much tequila and low self-esteem. No matter what you do, your best friend will always be by your side and what better way to celebrate friendship and the amazing woman you have in your life if not with a girls’ weekend?
Whether it’s her upcoming birthday or you just want to unwind after a stressful time at work, grab your BFF and a couple of clothes and try these weekend activities that will put a smile on your face and help you enjoy some well-deserved time off gossiping, laughing, and fooling around like you were in high school all over.

Go to a winery
It’s not alcohol that kept you together for all these years but it sure wasn’t water either. If you both love wine and Instagram-worthy sceneries, you should try spending a couple of days enjoying good food and delicious wine at a local winery.
There are hundreds of budget-friendly options across the country that are as good as the popular places from Napa Valley, so all you have to do is search. Check for cheap accommodation nearby or opt for a full weekend of treats in a winery that also comes with a restaurant and a guest house.

Be spontaneous
Being spontaneous is often associated with youth so why not play it by the ear for once? Head to the nearest train station or bus stop and wait for the next ride. Get on whichever bus or train comes first and don’t get off until after 2-3 hours of traveling. Wherever you end up, head to a bed and breakfast and look online for the things you can do.
An unplanned weekend can turn into a wonderful adventure, especially if you have your BFF by your side. Who knows? You may end up finding a hidden gem and explore a new culture, go to a country fair, visit an art show or simply eat at a mind-blowing restaurant you’ll remember for years from now on.
Volunteer at an animal shelter
If you love spending time outdoors and looking after animals, local animal shelters and zoos almost always look for volunteers to help them up. Apart from spending quality time with your bestie, you’ll also have the chance to care for animals and even learn more about them, including what do ferrets eat.
This experience will help you feel more connected to all pets and may even open up the door for adoption in the nearest future, in case you don’t already own a house full of cats, dogs, reptiles, rodents, and other pets.
If you’re not sure you can fight the urge of adopting all pups and kittens from your local animal shelter, you can go to a local farm and try helping out with the chores. You’ll learn a lot of interesting things, including how to milk a cow, when to feed the chickens, how to look after horses and sheep or play with the bunnies.

Get dressed up
Whether you’re planning an evening out having dinner, hitting the most fabulous night club or going to a play, there is always a reason to dress up.
Even if it’s just for window shopping or taking some cool pictures in your favorite spots, looking your best will boost your morale and help you loosen up.

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