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Weird But True – Social Media Negative Effects On Our Life

Are you social media savvy? Well, I shouldn’t be asking this question as today, almost every individual, young or old is now available on Social Media. Networking websites have become a global directory, where you can find almost every person you want. Indirectly, it is a perfect way of communicating with people from different corners of the world, stay updated with your school mates, and find new clients for your business. There are innumerable advantages of using a social networking website today. But, along with these advantages come along a list of negative effects or disadvantages. Strange but true, social media also has a list of negative effects which we should be aware off.

Here are 5 weird but scientifically proven negative effects of social media. Read and avoid them for a better online visibility.

Hikes your expenses

According to a new research and the surveys of marketing experts, heavy use of social media is now correlated with low self-control. The more advertisements and products you see in the social media webpages, the more you are tempted to spend on unnecessary luxury products. The only way to avoid this expense is by being aware of the reality and keeping a check on yourself.

Effects your appetite

Pictures ad more Pictures for all food lovers. Almost everyone nowadays puts up pictures of delicious home made food on their profiles. These pictures surely speak up and have an effect on your appetite. Based on a recent survey, pictures of food platters activate our brain, making us crave for food and overeat.

Slashes your Independent thoughts

Social media is a very strong base of communication. It has deep impact the thoughts of people. Based on a recent study performed by HP labs, it was observed that people easily changed their minds over topics based on the likes received by it. For instance, they could simply like a picture without giving a considerable thought over it. But later on, on a closer thought the subjects changed their decisions, once they had seen both sides of the coin.

Effect on your Self-esteem

Social Media and self –esteem? Yes, social media websites have the power to hamper your self-esteem. According to a recent survey performed by two German Universities, people felt frustrated, lonely and angered after spending time on Social media websites. The reason was simple; they compared their lives with their friends, feeling things inadequate in their lives.

Parts you from real conversations

Social media has a grieve impact on us, particularly when we are surrounded by real people. Chat messages, updates etc. keep us away from having a light conversation with the people around us. Most are seen submerged in their smartphones that give you access to all social networking websites. It often happens that people stand together in a group, but without a discussion due to the interesting messages in their social network feeds.

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