Affordable fashion

What are the Affordable Ways To Look Stylish?

It’s true that people go mad over the chic & trendy stuff. But at times you have to act smart when you have limited means to purchase. This is the time you have to take a wise decision, to make the best out of your budget.

# 1 Stay Street Smart
You can always plan up for affordable clothing idea. Go and shop at the street, but wisely. There you get the best clothes at the best price.

#2 Try Giving Individual Stroke
These days, sling bags, scarves, and other such accessories are much in demand. You can always go for some fine designs of scarves. Making a brand new scarf is also simple. Take your Dupatta (something you don’t use) and cut it down into a scarf. This you can wear with jeans and other short dresses.

#3 Chop Off Your Jean
Jeans is a material that is ever green. Take out your old jeans and make sling bags out of it. On the other hand you can always chop off your jeans into a trendy hot pant, shorts or three forth. Choice is all yours depending on your creativity.

# 4 Use Your Mom’s Saree
One can make wonderful apparels and accessories with printed or monochrome sarees. Scarf, bags, kurti and tops are few of the many things that can be made out of your mom’s saree which she hardly drapes. This will save your money to go for a brand new outfit. And the material can be in use all the way differently.

#5 Decorate Your Tops
There are many different materials that you can simply stick to your apparel and make it even more interesting. On the other hand there are different colored beads in the stores which you can apply on your costumes to make it unique and stylish. Simply remember one thing, Don’t go too far as it can also make your top look cheap.

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