What Does The Color Of Your Eyes Say?

Eyes say it all. If you wish to know people then just look into their eyes. It is indeed amazing how expressive our eyes can be. Whether we are sad, happy, excited, afraid or even angry everything can be expressed through eyes.

But did you know that the color of your eyes says a lot about your behavior and personality too. Next time you meet a person, notice their eye color and we are sure that you will be able to know the person the quickest.

Dark Eyes: Dark-eyed people are warm hearted, sensitive, trusting and share sympathy with others.

Dark Eyes

People with eye colors black or brown deep eyes are born leaders. They are health conscious people and are generally athletic.

Brown Eyes: Brown eyed people are friendly, outgoing and practical!

Brown Eyes

They are easy going people and the more responsible ones than others.

Green Eyes: Green-eyed people are mysterious and most unpredictable.

Green Eyes

They are generally freedom loving people and obviously, have great sex appeal (who wouldn’t fall for green eyes?) and can handle pressure situations like a boss!

Blue eyes: Blue eyed people are intelligent and happy, also the most dedicated ones.

Blue Eyes

Apart from being intelligent and happy, expect them to be extremely intellectual. You will be intrigued by the things that they have to say.

Grey Eyes: Grey eyed people are balanced but extremely straight forward.

Grey Eyes

Well, now these are the rare kinds. You are not going to find grey-eyed people that often around you. When you do, you will realize that they are defensive and at the same time hard to please. Boys and girls pay attention!

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