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What type of Boyfriend do you have?

Boyfriends!!! For girly girls, almost their entire life revolves around this one person or this one relationship. What my BF thinks about me, my clothes, my friends, ‘Will he like this gift’ or ‘Should I meet his friends?’ etc. and etc. are just a few things that girls are obsessed about when it comes to their boyfriends. So, now that our boyfriends have such an important place in our life, we have categorized them into the following type. Find out which type of boyfriend you are dating? Have Fun reading!!

The Sensitive Lover


They are basically the nice guys or the guy you would like to be with. They can be the best family man. They have a rational sense towards understanding the emotions of their partner. But at times, they can be timid. “Hello Darling! Today let’s go out for a dinner, I know you must be tired.” Checkoutdoes he say this often to you?

The Old Fashioned Referee

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This guy is more of a person who acts old for his age. They have complaints about every little thing. They stick to one decision and that is the final decision. They are more of stubborn and dominating at the same time. They take time to get accustomed to things and they are big time slow movers. They are just like a “Royal Pain the ass”. “Have People in the house gone mad? I want to sit at home and watch TV. You also better stay at home.” Does he pull you to stay home?

A Shy-Away Ringer


Such guys are good for the ladies who are dominating. These are the individuals who surrender very easily without any kind of struggle. They are always shy to confront the reality. They can be good by nature but they lack expressing their views and thus end up in unnecessary mess. They keep things and emotions to themselves. “I — I am really.. no leave it…. Will keep it as you like my dear.”

A Huge Body-Builder

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They are huge as hulk and they have a toned large body with a dumb head. They are aggressive and friendly as well. They boast about their good looks and do not talk sense. They can break bones of other men if they feel that their girlfriend is getting uncomfortable. “Hey you tiny thing, be aware of me. Stay away from her or else will punch you hard.”

A Couch – Potato


They are simply too lazy and they are very comfortable being like that. They are dependent for every little thing. They do not have any specific goal and they would like you to complete the work on their behalf as well. “Baby lets take some rest..Zzzzzzz….. I am tired and I don’t like this thing as it bores me to the core…. Will you do it on my behalf please honey?”

A Crook-Dastard


This boyfriend is not at all a good choice for any girl. They can be good at cuddling and things like that but they would always be good in boasting about the things that are not true. They are liars and thief as well. They can take your valuables and sell them off without your knowledge. “Oh baby! What? Who Me? No I swear! Relax…. Things would be fine I will find the culprit soon.”

The Dreamboat



He is a man with a Golden heart. He is truly a gem of a person. He knows exactly the best way to treat his lady. He might be Mr. Famous. He would always keep love above all. “Hey my love you are so beautiful…. This color suits you so much… Would you like ot go shopping this weekend?”

The Casanova


They are certainly tough to crack. They are jacks of all and Masters of none. At times they can be bad-ass too. They can be sizzling in the appearance but a monster in disguise. Ladies love such guys to date. But they might not be good partners for a longer time. They cannot be relied upon with your trust. But still ladies get trapped for such individuals. “Baby your are so hot… Ahem! Ahem! Up For some Coffee?”

The Star-Gazer


They always have a plan “B” in their list. They always keep on dreaming something and would wish to fulfill it someday. They can be day dreamers as well. They love to create fantasy and live in that little world. They badly need a reality check. They are good at making stories but they can be amazing lovers, philosophers & artists. “Baby I will be famous one day & Do Something BIG, Really Big someday. What say?”

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