What You Should Know About Your Teen Breasts?

How well do you know your breasts?? Well, being a woman, most of us are aware how and when are breasts feel and look different. But, when it comes to understanding the basics of our almost identical globular anatomies, we end up having more questions than answers in our kitty.

Yes they are our sex quotients! Yes, they are the primal feeding glands for our newbies! Yes, they are our most important body organ! But, apart from these we need to know a lot of other things about our breasts, especially when we are in our teens. For all you grown-ups, remember and try to answer this simple question, “As a Teenager, How much did you really know about your breasts??”

Personally, apart from its scientific description, I knew nothing! And my mom just told me, when girls grow, their breasts also grow to allow them to feed their little ones later. Yes, scientifically true! But is that all we need to know? No! Trust me, there is a lot more than these basics.

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  • Breast And Their Composition

Every individual, men and women have breasts.  Females however, have been given the responsibility of child-bearing and breast feeding. Hence the breasts also are differently composed. They are glandular and body mass. The ‘estrogen hormone’ in a girl’s puberty age causes the breast development, while a boy’s breast development during that period is stopped because of the substantial secretion of ‘testosterone’.

  • Breasts Pain For A Reason

By the time a girl crosses her teens, her breasts are matured enough to deliver their needs and the pain which you may feel in your breasts could be a sign of that.

The other reason could be due to contraceptive pills (if she is taking any).  The growing stage of the breasts could be another reason too. There could be many reasons for the aches, but all pains around that area are not cancerous. So, be relaxed.

  • Can you grow your breast size?

Everything happens naturally. The breast growth depends on your genes.

  • Can you decrease your breast size?

Surgical treatment is the lone answer to the question. If your breast size is a concern, then considering a treatment would be worthwhile. But remember, an operation has its own pros and cons.

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  • When can my breasts stop growing?

The complete growing time of breasts is unpredictable. It can happen any time from eighteen- twenty/twenty one. This again depends on the hereditary factor.

  • Does breast measurement depend on the person’s weight?

Depending on the body fat distribution, the breast size may or may not improve with additional weight. At times a person’s thighs and abdomen looks bulkier. This will not increase her breast measurements. So, dieting is not the answer.

  • Bumpy areolas and hair around them are normal

Tiny bumpy pecks around the nipple are quite natural. This might be due to the glandular actions. Pressing or trying to remove them may irritate the skin and cause more problems.  If the bumps are bigger than small pecks consulting your doctor is always good. Just one or two hairs in the area should not bother you, but if you feel irritated about their presence, remove them.

  • ‘Stretch marks’ on breasts

Noticing ‘stretch marks’ on the breasts are common, this is due to various body growth factors. They might look unpleasant and you can only lessen their looks with body lotion. They are there permanently, so accepting them would be the only answer.

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  • Does being bra less make breasts droopier?

Wearing a bra gives your breasts the needed support, wearing one or being braless should not be the reason for ‘saggy’ breasts.

  • A pair of breasts may not be identical

Difference in a breast-pair is very common. This phenomenon is very common, but in some girls or women it is more obvious. Ignoring the difference will be more relaxing.

Apart from these points there are many details like having the nipple growing inwards, color variations in the nipples. There are many facts that girls should notice and understand about their breasts.

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