International Mother Language Day - 3

What’s Your Mother Language – Indian??

Language is the mode of verbal action that conveys our thoughts and feelings, the world today celebrates the international language day, what does India celebrate? Which is our national language? Hindi, which is adapted by majority or English, which people think everyone should know? Oh wait, should we celebrate an international language day for 22 other official languages and thousands of others which are not official?

Isn’t this is something to be proud of? The only country pampering four major religions and the rituals, customs, traditions following it. A country where you will find people of varied race and ethnicity in every city you travel. Be it food or festivals, religion or race, government or god’s, people or the nature, we have loved everything that bounds in the boundary with whole heart. But, as we know not everything is perfect!

India - Unity in diversity - 4

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Things To Worry About?

  • Though Sanskrit, mother of all languages and the worldly recognised language, its minimal usage is the problem
  • Not just Sanskrit, there are tens of regional languages on the verge of extinction
  • English being a foreign language, has settled its firm foot in India and still growing rapidly, leaving other regional languages in danger
  • Disrespecting minor language speakers and keeping one condition to offer a good job – must know English!

In India, English is a language not only providing you good jobs but also prestige. People who do not know this foreign language are looked down upon and this is one of the reason majority of couple wish to send their children in English medium schools leaving other languages in less demand. Good this is, some regional and national languages are compulsory.

Let’s Stand Tall!

Though some of the anti-national events create a ruckus in the nation’s pride, though some of the haters jeopardize India’s sovereignty, though politicians forget their sheer responsibility for their nation and its citizen in the blind love for chair, we as Indians should never forget one thing, Indians are recognised for our unity of diversity reality, for our integrity and for our embrace all changes attitude. Let’s not tarnish the beauty of being we, with some of the lame movements or strikes, know yourself, know your country and be proud of what you have in treasure.

So, let’s celebrate Hindi, English and 22 other official languages on this International Language Day, giving all credit to one Mother Language we know – INDIAN!

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