avoid makeup

Why Avoid Makeup?

Getting ready to go out or to work can be a pleasure. In today’s time where people check your appearance and presentation at every step, most women love applying a little bit of makeup on their face. But remaining without makeup is great for you and your skin. Your skin cells can inhale freely, giving you a naturally glowing skin without any special treatment.

This is what some cosmetic journals say:

  • One saves time.
    One does not spend time to clean it at night
  • No messy face.
    One is aware of her looks all the time.
  • No shaded eye after sleep.
    One need not worry about the dark shade around the eyes after a night’s rest.
  • Eye shadow all over the face.
    One has the freedom to remove the tiredness of her eyes by rubbing without a fear of spreading the eye makeup.

Apart from these, there are others like:

  • One saves a lot of cash.
  • Gives the skin a break.
  • Beauty un-adorned is Nature’s gift.
  • Is compulsory for fragile skins.
  • Not needed.

These points are enough to go without doing up your face occasionally,

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