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Why Do Women Gamble?

In the past few years, the world of gambling has evolved, just like every other technology in the world. Compared to the previous simple games, there are hundreds of different gambling games that you can play in a casino. In fact, with the help of innovation and technology, there are many casinos who have their own gambling applications to help their customers enjoy their favourite games right from the comfort of their home, i.e. if they do not have a casino in their city or near your state. No wonder, technology has given accessibility to everyone, including women who love to play fast and easy slot games that promise big payouts in a casino. And this easy accessibility to casinos is perhaps one of the main reasons why a larger number of women are found addicted to gambling in today’s time.

But, the question asked here is, Why Women like Gambling? Well, unlike men who just gamble for fun or the thrill of earning quick cash, most recognised women gamblers love to gamble for a couple of other interesting reasons. In this article, we shall discuss about these reasons and understand them one by one.

Why Do Women Gamble?

Gambling is in itself is a very interesting, mind cracking and thrilling experience. The adrenaline rush that you receive after winning $500 just by playing a simple game cannot be expressed in words. And when it comes to women, well they have their own preferences. So, while men enjoy individual casino games more, women on the other hand prefer to visit casinos along with their friends or rather in a group. And it is this preference of game choices that speaks a lot about the reasons why women gamble. For instance, men prefer games like video poker, blackjack or regular poker that requires a lot of strategizing. In short they like to play games where they get the opportunity to win over the entire house and prove their mightiness. A big boost to their male ego!

  • Women Love to play games that are more luck oriented
  • Women like gambling more because of the social aspect associated to it, rather than displaying their skills and superiority to their friends or strangers.
  • The wide variety of games offered by all casinos today is absolutely mindboggling. There are hundreds of games that you can play in casinos. In fact, you will easily find a game that suits your style and skills.
  • Women prefer playing slots and other lotto games that give big payouts.
  • There is no investment of time and money in the games that women usually prefer playing in a casino. For instance lotteries and slots don’t require and long term investments which actually attracts most women to it.
  • The UK Gambling Commission in 2017 did a survey and studied the gambling habits in women and men alike. According to this study, a good 44% women in UK had gambled at least once in the past 4 weeks, while 53% of men in UK had gambled in the past 4 weeks. The survey proves that predecessors gambled comparatively less than the millennials.
  • Women love socializing and hence prefer playing games that do not require much concentration. So ideally, women prefer playing games such as Bingo, Keno, Lottery or the slots.

Women – Signs of Problem Gambling

Gambling is a game, but when you lose money in it, problems arise. Both men and women show different signs during this period. Men, usually become aggressive and angry in such circumstances, while women on the other hand show signs of anxiety and sadness.

According to an Australian gambling study performed in 2018 by Simone McCarthy and Samantha Thomas, women who lived a lonely and dull life were at a higher risk of getting addicted to the gambling. The study also stated that group visits to casinos was actually healthy especially for women who got tired while playing games alone.


One thing from the studies conducted is absolutely clear – Women and Men both have different approach towards gambling. They both react differently during the adverse conditions and show different signs of problem gambling. Above all, women gamble mostly to enjoy the social aspect related to a casino.

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