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Why is the Indian Audience separated from the rest? – Kalki Koechlin

Is Bollywood just restricted to the same old masala films or has it matured enough for films that are based on real stories? For our mindless audience who in the past loved to whistle to the humbug action scenes performed by our actors, films were all about the 300 crore jackpot. But over the time, we now see films like ‘Margaritta with a Straw’ changing the mind of people, changing the meaning of Bollywood.

Due to be released this Friday, on the 17th of April, the movie talks about the realistic story of a girl suffering from Cerebral Palsy and her teenage life! But when asked whether or not the film will attract the Indian audience especially, when the film has already been internationally acclaimed in the various film festivals, Kalki instantly shot up saying, “I am excited about it…We have waited a while for the film to release especially with it traveling abroad to the other movie festivals. So, we didn’t release it until we had covered all the festival tours. So, yes… it’s great that the film is finally releasing. And I don’t think we need to make this difference between the Indian audience or the western audience, as all audiences are exposed to the same thing nowadays with the internet. We all watch Hollywood movies and television series; we watch everything from all across the world. So, why is the Indian audience separated from the others? I have always had a different taste and you will know this when you see ‘Margarita With a Straw.’ She already has an audience for sure.”

So for the time, all eyes now on the release of this interesting movie. Best of Luck to Kalki, one of Bollywood’s most powerful actresses on her new film! Eagerly waiting to watch the film this Friday!

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