Women Worry Marriage

Why Most Indian Women Worry About Marriage?

Oh heaven….its wedding season all again and if you are still single, you might just be busy finding reasons to avoid your wedding. The filmy taam jhaam of seeing a guy, going for a date, rejecting the relation or even worse, getting rejected… the story goes on and on… But before you go for yet another date, ask yourself if you are really ready for it. Do you Want to get married? Are you scared about the big Life changing event that your parents are pushing you into? Well, forget about the age factor, the social pressure and work issues for a moment and think of the various reasons that bug you about marriage. Here are 10 perfect reasons why most Indian women worry about marriage. And surprise… also get their solutions to avoid the big wedding dilemma! So cheer up gal… and clear your head to make the right decision.

  1. Mothers and their constant nagging

‘Learn to cook’, ‘Keep your home clean’, ‘Change your attitude…your in laws will not bear this behavior’, and so on… Are these some of your fears?

Nagging mothers

Tip: Ask your mom to chill and simply help her understand you and your actions. Be friendly to her and she will stop this.

  1. Fear of being burdened by marital responsibilities

You are married now… take up responsibility of your husband, in-laws and family… cleaning the house, attending to guests, showing off your social skills and meeting with the expectations of your new family. Stop it lady… don’t think too much! Marriage does change life… but not to an extent we imagine it.

Fear of Responsibilities

Tip: Talk and take advice from your friends. How they are beautifully managing their marriage and its related responsibilities.

  1. Monster in-laws

The typical Saas-bahu fights, back-biting, bitching and trying to prove oneself better than the other! Well, what can I say, in-laws are humans as well and they are not always bad.

Vamp mother in law

Tip: Try to be in her books and she will take care of you like her own daughter. J

  1. Independence at Stake

I will lose all my freedom, Freedom to freak out with friends, freedom to go out and enjoy evening parties, freedom to give my opinion in family matters!

Freedom at Stake

Tip: Ok, so if you fear this, please stop getting nervous and make sure you discuss these things with your to-be husband before marriage.

  1. Before and after life

Before marriage – I am lucky girl who gets everything she demands for!

love before Marriage

After marriage – I am an unlucky wife who has to compromise and give away everything and anything my in-laws ask me for.

Tip: Try and be friendly with your in-laws and the extended family. only a better relation can help you avoid these conditions.

  1. Cooking Skills

Maggi… Maggi… Maggii! It used to be your best dinner during college days and office times. But now, it is just not a dinner option.

cooking for kids


Tips: Open up your tablet, check for the recipes online and you will know how and what to cook.

  1. Reality check received – nothing common in us

Ok, so you had an arranged marriage and now you simply find out that you have nothing common with your husband? Fear not gal!

Opposites attract

Tip: Remember, opposites attract. So, see the brighter side of your husband and you will fall in love with him.

  1. Will I be able to love him?

I don’t know him… I don’t love him… can we ever be able to live together? Will I ever fall in love with him?


Tip: Love is not some magic potion, and it surely takes time to blossom between two partners. If you fear this, simply give time to your relation and spend more time together.

9. Oh god I am pregnant

I just got married and shit…. I got pregnant! What about my office commitments? What will everyone think?

Pregnancy and Child

Tip: Take precautions and avoid unwanted pregnancies. Consult your gynecologist before your marriage and have a safe Sex 😉

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