Why This Kolaveri Di?

Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri…Di?? Ya..right… you are humming the song perfectly and in-tune! A song that stirred the nation, made every soul sing the song, whether or not you were familiar to the lyrics. But, here we are not gonna discuss about this trend setting song, but instead get to the core meaning of it – “Why do you girl have this rage against me?”

Girls are born hot… yes always with a little attitude (good and bad both)! But, when I say hot, I simply meant their Hot Temperament! Scan all your friends.. a aaa Girl friends around you and see how many of them have a good temperament. I bet, you might already have had a memorable experience of a dear friend getting angry on her man! So, here are 7 perfect reasons that make a girl angry!! See if you can relate to these instances!! It’s surely gonna be Fun!


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  1. Are You Ignoring Me?

Why are you ignoring me? Women love attention, especially from people she is close to. And if you avoid their messages or a call, be prepared for a small dose of firing!


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  1. You Appreciated Her But Not Me!

Women love getting appreciated for everything they do, whether it is their cooking, home decor, makeup or any simple thing they do. They always want appreciation from others.

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  1. Taken For Granted

The Special Me! Every woman loves getting a little special attention from others. But, when it comes to regular life and people, they hate it when they are simply taken For Granted!! Nothing Special about it!

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  1. Stop Bossing Me!!

I am independent and I can do everything! So… Stop bossing around and making me feel like a kid. I am a grown up!!


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  1. Who Messed-Up The House?

Women and their Perfect Home or should I say, their Heaven! And dare you mess it up and keep it dirty!! It’s gonna make her super angry and there will be a fight fight fight at home!!


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  1. Waiting And Waiting For A Reply

How many times have you promised to message back and forgotten? Well, she waits and waits for your message or call and then unleashes her anger. Face her rage for not replying her when she expected you to.


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7. How Dare You Forget Our Anniversary?

What… are you serious?? You forgot your anniversary…. no matter whether it is the anniversary of your First Date or First Kiss or Engagement or Wedding!! You are surely dead meat!

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