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Why Women visit Temple? – The Scientific Connection

Temples! What is the importance of temples in our life? Is it just a place to find peace of mind or a place where you get to revitalize your body by simply humming the name of the gods? Emotionally, there are several reasons why people visit temples, but have you ever thought about its scientific reason? If not, here are a few reasons why women and men alike, visit temples.

The Location
The location of the temple is said to be the according to the principles of Vastu Shashtra. Temples are located where the earth’s magnetic waves pass. There are lot many strategies put together while deciding the location wherein the flow of positive energy is in abundance.

The Copper Plates
When people plan to build a temple, a thin sheet of copper plate with the scriptures written on it is placed on which the temple is then built over. The reason is that copper plates absorbs positive energies from the earth and gives an optimistic environment to the temple. The magnetic waves generated in the temple, radiates the surroundings.

A Divining Feelings
People visiting to holy temples always feel fresh and energetic throughout the day as the energy that they get from the temple is in abundance. So, ultimately when women visit the temple women always have a pure and dedicated approach. The people in the temple ignite lamps as even the lamps and the ingredients like “Ghee & Kapoor” in the lamp makes the environment lively, pure and divine. Also women apply kumkum in their forehead in a way that increases the concentration levels and alertness among themselves.

Exchange Of Positive Vibes
People meeting in the temple always greet each other with holy words which are pure and connected from within. This is where the positive auras react to each other. You get the positive vibes and exchange good vibrations which make you calm and steady. The ornaments that women wear would chemically react with the magnetic waves which is absorbed by the body and preserved in the ornaments throughout the day.

The Main Idol
Women bow down in front of the main Idol as they would keep their ego, caste , creed and status apart and with pure heart they chant positive words in a way they become more humble and surrender themselves and receive contentment with peace. Women take a round of the temple which is known as “Pradakshina” to absorb the positive vibes from the temple. These vibes gives peace and feeling of satisfaction which the body absorbs.

The Fragrance
People offer flowers and “Agarbatti” (Incense Stick) to the idol. The reason is that these fragrances soothe the mind and help the brain to function properly. This soothing feel is something which lowers the anxiety levels in the women’s body and calms her down, as she always has a lot of pressure related to her family, work and household.

The Holy Water
The holy water offered in the temple also have ingredients like Basil, cardamom, clove, saffron and much more into a copper pot. The consumption of this mixture in water would give an energizing feeling and keep cold and other such infections at par.

The Temple Bells
The sound of the temple bells generates a positive sound energy. And this is also the reason that all the temples have copper bells. These sound energies also provide positive vibes to the body.

So visiting temple was something of utmost importance as women would find peace, contentment, positive vibes and freedom from within with all the pure and positive energies. Offering things to the Idol is simply the misconception by people at large. So from now on, visit temple to energize yourself and keep up the habit of chanting the pure holy phrases for a peaceful mind.

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