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Will I Ever Breathe Freedom?

Am I free? I feel I am bound, bound not by shackles in my hands and feet but bound against my will by the hypocrite social shackles that the society makes and dumps up on girls. I am not a feminist! I am a simple girl who believes in equality and wishes to stand in the world independently and with my head held high, not bowed down just because of a few people who make social rules that parents are forced to follow.

Tonight, as I am about to sleep I feel I want to tell you something different. I do not want to tell you how my day was or what was right or what was wrong. I want to open up my mind and heart, and pour out all the frustration that has been building inside.

 I am independent yet feel dependent, I have wings yet I cannot fly. Sometimes freedom not only comes from the outside but comes from within; it is only when your soul is free that you attain freedom truly.

I am bound by societal pressure, certain decisions, rules and regulations set by my boss and my parents. I have let it all pass thinking that it is for my own good and benefit but when I see the same not happening to my brother, I feel deprived. I feel that I have been given a limited edition freedom which is not going to last forever and I am reminded of my limits every now and then.

The Don’ts:

Don’t meet boys or colleagues late after work!

Don’t wear clothes that reveal, not even the off-shoulder tops that are in fashion today no matter how much I love them!

Don’t be over-friendly with guys!

Don’t come home late!

Don’t this and Don’t that…The list just seems to go on!

But why are these Don’ts only restricted to the girls? Why are they not imposed on boys as well? Today, there are boys as well who are sexually harassed!

Thinking Girl

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So what really is the problem in this society that we live in? Yes, the mentality of people has changed massively. Today parents are much more willing to get their girl child educated and are also allowing them to work. People all around the world are also talking about equality and feminism. Then what is the real problem? I believe the fact that we have to talk about all these things, shout at the top of our voices proves that it has not yet sunk in. Even though on the surface of it, we might project that we are pro-feminism but deep down inside we are not ready to let go of the barriers that women have to face every day.

What is the solution? I think women need to vent out less (in public) and act more. We need to stop shouting to get freedom and just do things which we wish to do, the life that we wish to live. Every time your parents tell you that you have to be home by 10.30 but you have work in the office or wish to chill a bit with your friends or even wish to go to your boyfriend’s house to have a great time, Do it. They might not understand, might react but someday they will. I guess for women today, freedom will come through disobedience. But by disobedience, I do not mean disrespect. All I wish to say is trust your parents but trust yourself too.

And on that note, I am going to sleep. Thank you diary for listening to me, like you always do!

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