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Winter Trend For 2014 – By Sonya Vajifdar

Sonya VajifdarIt’s January and mostly snowing outside! If you are a fashionista and are lying under layers of blankets in your house, it’s time to get covered in style and enjoy the snow and freezing cold outside. Get yourself a new winter closet and enjoy the chilly winter days with your loved ones in your favorite getaways. The new Winter Trend for 2014 is here to help you get warm in style.

Invest in the new winter coats and fight cold in style. A new coat is always welcome for the winters. The coats this season range from camel to well fitted pieces.

winter collectionApart from coats, it’s also wise to invest in the stylish tartan winter tops and skirts. Read further to learn about the current winter fashion trends.

Go Sleeveless: Buy long sleeveless coats or jackets. They may not be as warm as your old winter clothes, but they surely add a lot of style and elegance to your look. Pair them with warm bright colored plain tops to make them perfectly warm for the winters. You can also wear the sleeveless denim jackets with your warm pants and a floral print top. Use warm scarves and accessories to feel warm and stylish.

Tartan Trend: Checks are in vogue this season. Last year the monochrome prints made their way into the fashion world. But this season, bright simple blanket weaves or the laundry-bag squares have made their way into the winter fashion trends. Perfect for regular winter days, the coats are perfectly warm while the full sleeves tartan tops are ideal for your regular days. Pair a smart tartan top with a plain skirt or pants and make a style statement everywhere you go. These tops look perfect with denims and tartan skirts.

winter collectionLarge: Wear loose or larger sized coats and jackets. Body fitting winter clothes are absolutely a no no this season. Wear loose winter coats, tops and jacket over you skirts and pants. So, eat as many desserts as you may wish and hide those extra pounds beneath your winter coats and jackets.

Colors: Winter doesn’t mean black and white winter clothes. Buy squared tartan tops of various colors, smart denim jackets, glittery fur coats, etc. However, no matter what you buy, don’t miss out on the deep colors as well, including red, these give the impression of a warmer feel to the clothes

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