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Women Addicted More To Cell Phones Than Men!

Women or Men, who are more addicted to cell phones? If asked to each of these sexes, the answer will be the other sex. Men will vote women and vice versa. But, in a surprising study, women have been proved to be more addicted to cell phones than men.

No matter whether you use it for texting, mailing, surfing or calling your dear ones, it is women who have surpassed men. According to the study, women use it for all types of uses, right from mailing, texting, shopping, surfing and also enjoying long conversations with friends. On the other hand, men use it for accessing social networking sites and personal entertainment.

Women students, use an average 10 hours in a complete day while men use around 8 hours, which has also shown an impact on their academic performances. The addiction to using cell phones has seemingly increased in the recent times, especially due to the smart phones. During the survey, almost 60% students admitted the fact that they were addicted to their cell phones, with some mentioning that they get extremely agitated when they don’t see their cell phones in their sight.

This study was performed online on 164 students, which examined 24 cell phone activities. In the result, they found that the time spent on 11 activities widely differed between the two sexes. Interest and Instagram were deeply associated with cell phone addiction, where as internet use and online gaming were not a part of the addiction.

Most students spent an average 94.9 minutes a day on texting messages; 48.5 minutes on sending mails; 38.6 minutes checking Facebook; 34.4 minutes surfing the internet and lastly, 26.9 on their ipods.

Women used cell phones more for their social purposes, while men used it widely for their personal entertainment. It is the Social media networking sites on which women spent most of their time, catching news, updates of friends and more. The Journal of Behavioral Addictions published this study.

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