Women And Tobacco Consumption – Now A Trend?

This is to all the WOMEN who think Tobacco Consumption is something very Common. No Doubt! Tobacco is something very popular in different parts of the globe but Do you really think it’s worth the hype? At this point, why citizens from different demographics are not acting rational towards a habit that actually takes away your life?

You will be surprised to know that Women from Elite groups and educated families are taking up tobacco smoking as a passion. On the other hand, underprivileged women from the rural take up “Chewing Of Tobacco As a Hereditary”.

Tobacco is a very common name used in different part of the globe. Its consumption increases every year from 4.96 trillion to 6.25 trillion. The amount of the consumption of tobacco in female and male is surprisingly now 50-50%. Do you think this is something reasonable as a human?

The question that nags me now is ‘Why Women Consume Tobacco?’

 In the yester years, during the era of our grannies, women consumed tobacco in little amounts just to enjoy its taste. This habit, slowly died with our parents, especially mothers, who learnt about its adverse effects on our health. But today, consuming tobacco is more about luxury, class and trend.

The young and adolescent girls always fancy to try out smoking as they enjoy doing so in the initial stage. Slowly, they end up being chain smokers & Tobacco Addicts. The worst part is even parents these days take such grave issue very casually, only to be awakened by the medical reports that Highlight terms like Cancer and Lungs diseases.

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An NGO called Faith Foundation works for the cause of “Anti – Addiction” and “No Tobacco Campaign”. The organization helps the victims of tobacco consumption to divert themselves for a better life.

Susan Anant, Owner & Socialist Of Faith Foundation says, “I visit mahila mandal from different rural parts to impart the severity caused due to tobacco consumption. I show a lot of films related to tobacco addiction to people at large such that it gets them a feel of threat in a way to avoid tobacco consumption. Also after the counseling I assure to follow up with the target group such that they change their life style and lead life in a healthy way”.

The biggest contribution of women towards the world is to give healthier babies. The consumption of tobacco leads to under weight babies and increases the mortality of infants and mothers as well.

“Women in URBAN India consumer tobacco products like cigarettes & Women from Rural consume Smokeless tobacco or the raw tobacco”, says Jooi Vasa, member from Public Health Nutrition Department.

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Jooi Vasa from (AFTC) Advocacy For The Tobacco Control Says “A woman’s body is much more different from a male’s body. As India is urbanizing, people enjoy being in media. It’s appealing to see people smoking on screen but it has an adverse effect later on. In reality, what your body goes through is totally different & painful.”

It is high time that Women take up the Valuable Quote “HEALTH IS WEALTH” seriously. Women play a major role in educating the whole family and assuring their family’s good health. So dear Ladies, Please Pull up your socks and Bluntly Say NO To Tobacco.

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