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Women Banished In Animal Sheds For Being In Period & For Giving Birth To A Newborn!

Let’s admit that we all, once or more than that have experienced taboos related to Menstruation, no matter in what part of the world we live! The fact that period is a normal bodily function which is not under anyone’s control is something the world and its people are not ready to accept. From not touching the pickles to not eating certain foods, from not sleeping with husband to not touching anything for three days, we have heard them all but there’s no limit of these, we have a new add on!

In parts of western Nepal, Women are secluded in an animal shed for five days during their period! Reason? They are woman and they Bleed for good!

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To be astonished, in this Nepali tradition called ‘Chhaupadi’, which means ‘untouchable being’, not only women has to get banished for five days during their period but also immediately after they give birth to newborn! They are considered to be impure after giving a child birth for at least 1 month and it’s all in the fear of god, who may destruct the crops and cattle if not followed the ritual!!  

Women in these areas are forbidden to visit schools, restricted to take bath and even use the house toilet. They are also not allowed to enter their own house and interact with others. With these stupid culture followings, many women have died, their babies have died of flu. According to UN Women, Up to 95 percent of women in rural areas in Western Nepal are still subject to the practice.

Watch this video from the Guardian , that explains the life of a woman in an animal shed:

We wish a change, where women and her bodily functions are considered to be normal. Not to forget, it’s not just people in Nepal who needs to bring a positive change but it’s every other nation in the world.

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