Women In Brothels Do Have Feelings, Families And Fetishes By Men!

Brothels and the prostitutes living in them! Just two words mentioned in the previous statement would have hardened feelings of many people reading this. Generally we have bad impressions for women associated with body business, abusing them, not discussing about them or having a bad eye for them is what we all do. There’s only one thing we know why these women are into selling their body is, Money! Do they have feelings? Is doing this as a profession is easy for them?

The world of prostitution is not simple but complex where consent to have sex is bought with no feelings attached! The life is scary, scary than you can ever imagine. It’s not just having sex for money with strangers but performing to their kinky fetishes! Here are hard to believe details accumulated by Chinki Sinha of DailyO, which is penned down simple and straight.

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Sex means Sex only, is the straight service available! They do not allow them to kiss or engage in any of such activities with men who abuse, who tell their sad stories and how they are unhappy with their wives. But a lot revealed when women in brothels were approached! All their stories were filled with BDSM (Bondage, Dominance, Submission & Masochism)  and we couldn’t resist but share with common people, their strange stories with their customers.

Once, when these women were asked how men behave in there, under the category of BDSM, you would laugh out hard yet would give it a deep thought! There was a man who stripped prostitutes naked and then wear their clothes. Other was the man who would knock each doors asking to wash menstruating woman’s clothes. These women would do all, because that brought in money, money that would take care of themselves and their kids. There was one such high level of masochistic man who would tie the prostitute to fan and beat her up around, until he feels satisfied.

These women know that the men who come to have sex with them, do not think how would they judge men for behaving offbeat and thus they impose their fetishes on prostitutes without being judged! Because who cares of a prostitutes judgement? They feel! Prostitutes are wise women, they sell their bodies to make money and do not expect love, at times they have been heard saying ‘What is fucking with love?’

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The women here know that men are sick minded and if given more liberty would play with their emotions and thus they remain aloof with their traps. But some do fall into the trap! Like this women who came to a small finance unit at Kamathipura to deposit little amount of her profit. She married a guy working in a hotel who promised her love and care. But, never said that he would let her discontinue being a prostitute! He forced her to sell her body to others every night, that made her disappointed but at the end all she expected was few words of love!

Prostitutes agree to do all, for being paid the money they ask, as they have kids at home waiting to be fed! They are strong, they are in control but for money they are beaten up, starved, designed with cigarette butts and endure all because that’s their profession to earn money for the family.

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