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Women Expressions – How To Read Her Face?

Is that her angry face? Oh no… I guess she is just tired! Should I ask her out? Is she troubled by something?

Understanding women by far is the most difficult thing. If only men knew to read a woman’s mind, a lot of those bedroom fights, ego clashes and difference in thoughts could have been resolved with ease. But, if you are still adamant to know her thoughts, here is a small guide on how you can read a woman’s face from her expressions. Master it and I bet you will be thankful that we covered this for you.

The Angry Expression
You can certainly judge the aggression in your wife. Her hands will be firm and mouth zipped up. You will see her eyes speaking aloud to you despite her absolutely mute voice. This is the danger expression and it is most advisable to stay out of her things until her anger is all cooled down.

The Depressed Expression

Is she biting her nail, her face frowned and repetitively doing things around her? In such cases, you lady love is a bit depressed or over-thoughtful about a few things. Simply pull her gently to you and hug her tight. Ask her to ease and talk to you about her problem. Assure her that you care for her and her happiness. Her behavior indicates her unhappiness.

The Lonely Expression
Her overly busy schedule, lack of time, her hovering mind (which perhaps is already planning her next day’s work) is actually a sign that she is lonely, not connected to people apart from her work. Her restless look is enough to tell you that she is lonely or her mind is occupied with memories of her past. Get her out, go for some coffee and enjoy talking with her about her beauty and her life.

The Indecisive Expression
There can be lot of things running in the mind of a women and she needs time to think for some of her difficult decisions. This is when she is quite and keeps thinking about things for a long time. She might lean her head on the shoulder of her husband and stare at her husband for longer time with a confused look. Did that happen to you? If yes, help her take her decision with your suggestions.

The Hiding Expression
Is she avoiding an eye-contact with you? Every time you talk to her, check if she speaks to you holding your gaze. If your wife is lying to you, there might be instances where in she will not make eye contact. And even if she makes the eye contact she might scratch her eyes or rub her nose while the conversation is on. This is the time to make her confront politely and ask her not to be afraid to speak the truth.

The Flirting Expressions
Man loves when he sees his women in a playful mood. The expressions would be bit sensual and she would come close to the partner and play with his hair, move fingers over his face and so on. This is the time for the couple must enjoy and grab the opportunity to love each other unconditionally.

The Relaxed Expressions
Her smiling face, deep breathes and sparkling eyes all indicate her relaxed expression. Check if your partner is relaxed mentally and physically by noticing these signs. You will be pampered by her, and thanks to her good relaxed mood.

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