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Women gifted with new Anti-Rape Nail Polish technology

Technology to help women avoid Rapes! Wonders can happen when technology is used in the right direction, for saving the precious life, dignity and smile of people. The new Anti-rape nail polish is one such technology which has been designed to help women avoid circumstances that may lead to rapes.

The nail polish changes its color when it is dipped into a drink with roofies, a drug commonly used to make a victim dizzy before s/he is raped without letting the victim know about it. The nail polish can be extremely helpful to women who often visit clubs and meet new unknown men. With the nail polish, they can check their drinks for its safety. In usual cases, men offer women with roofies mixed in drinks, which make them feel dizzy, forcing them to leave the club and go out. This gives the men, the chance they have been looking for, for raping the victim without her knowing about it. The technology is a great milestone in helping women fighting rape attacks.

This just seems to be a solution to fight rape attacks and attackers, with a very doubtful success rate. After all, there have been other products like this in the past such as the rape whistles, electric bras and apps that tell about our whereabouts to our trusted friends. But did they prove helpful enough in avoiding rapes?

Thus, the question still remains the same. Can a simple nail polish prevent rapes? How much can it actually help us avoid situations like rapes and drugging as the product will only help women monitor their surroundings while they meet new people in social places?

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