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Women’s Day – What A Man Thinks About It?

So, the month of March has already begun and it is Women’s Day today. Although it’s not widely celebrated as it should be, this international event shouldn’t be ignored especially in India. During the 1st week of March which is normally called Women’s Week, I often see a lot of posts supporting Women and making this whole week and especially 8th March special for them.

Still, in a country like India where there are areas where women are suppressed and dominated by the men, my question to everyone is that, Whether it is enough to celebrate a day for Women and forget it? OR We should make an effort every year for the liberalization of the society by working towards the equality for women and thereby celebrating our efforts on 8th March every year in the true spirt of Women’s Day?

How I wish to Celebrate Women’s Day?

Women have played a very important role in my life. Whether it’s my mom, my sister or my best friend, all these great woman have taught me one thing or the other at every point in my life. So, for me it’s not about making this day special for them but more than that I take an oath to appreciate their efforts and thank them for being a special part of my life.

It is a well-known fact that women love attention and special treatment but then who doesn’t. We have adapted this mentality that only women look for attention or special treatment but the fact is that all they need is appreciation for what they do whether at home or at work. They wish that others applaud for their efforts and for once appreciate it.

Since from the start, women in India are taken for granted, we often worship top chefs like Sanjeev Kapoor or Vikas Anand and most often follow some popular food shows like KhaanaKhazana or Highway on My Plates, but how often do we appreciate our mom or wife for the delicacies they prepare for us. I am not saying that nobody praises them for their efforts or culinary skills but it’s a fact that many of us believe that it’s their job and there’s nothing extra-ordinary about it. I believe this Women’s Day, this particular mentality must vanish from our society.

No women is assigned with the task to cook for men or the whole family from their birth. It’s about their own choice whether they wish to do it and when they do, they must be thanked and appreciated for that instead of taken for granted.

Today, I feel happy and proud to see that women are not staying back in the closed doors of their house but they are coming out in the open exploring new opportunities and acing at them just as men. Almost every profession in the world has women, though in fewer numbers compared to men, still there is some ratio building up. Women’s Day for me is celebrating these remarkable feats achieved by women that seemed almost impossible a couple of decades ago.

A Humble Message to All Men for Women’s Day

Don’t feel jealous or irritated as women are given all attention. Come November and we can celebrate Men’s Day too, but right now it is about women. You can give gifts and celebrate Women’s Day to make it special for all the women in your family but more than that, treat them as equal and applaud them for their efforts whether at home or at their work. Yes, you can guide or advise them when you believe they are on a wrong path but don’t force it on them just because you could dominate them.

Like you, they too have a brain and thinking of their own. Talk to them politely and in the same manner as you do with others. Appreciate them, respect them and treat them as equal rather than your aid.

A Humble Message to All Women for Women’s Day

Develop the courage to live your life at your own terms. You need a Man in your life as much as a Man needs a Woman. Always keep that in mind and don’t let anybody take you for granted. Pursue both your education and professional goals without having a slight doubt that you will be doing injustice to your family living your dreams. Every person whether man or woman in this world deserves the right to dream and pursue them.

Also remember, sometimes you have to fight for your rights, so don’t give up but try hard till the end. With the world becoming liberal, you will find aid from many likeminded people around who will help you earn what you deserve. Also, don’t think that there’s anything wrong in being a house maker either and taking care of all the household tasks. That’s as important as any other job in the world and hence don’t feel inferior or lower just because you don’t have a regular job or a job that earns money for your family.

This Women’s Day, I expect everybody to try to erase the barrier of inequality among genders and try to build a better society where a person can dream and live those dreams without considering the fact whether that person is a man or woman.

Happy Women’s Day to All!!

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