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World Population Day : Do We Need To Fear 7 Billion Of Us?

We are a family of 7,137,661,030. Haha… I know you may be counting unit, tens… just like I did. Let me say, there are 7 Billion people living on the Planet Earth. Now that it is World Population Day today, I wish everyone a Happy Special Day. However, what is so special about it? Well, rather than a special day, this is an event because we reached 5 billion mark on 11th of July 1987 and are still increasing at a very progressive speed. So, do we really need to be happy with the increasing population? Are we able to manage the human needs equally, ensuring the basic necessities of every human??? Let’s see what does the numbers say.

7 Billion Homo Sapiens Sapiens differentiated by continents, countries, religions, caste and Languages live on this planet. According to a Study, we would be 12 Billion in 2100 AD. Thank God… a normal human has a lifespan of max 90 years. So, we will surely be dead by the time the calamities increase to a peak. But, what about our children and the next generations? Will our planet survive long if we don’t stop Controlling our population and the wide usage of natural resources?

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Disadvantages of Increasing Population

Land Dearth: We have ¼ land of Planet Earth to live on. Increasing population means requirement of more land, which we cannot invent like our other inventions.

Food Scarcity: There are about 820 Million chronically hungry people around the world; ⅓ of its live in India. Out of which almost 2 Million people die of hunger in India every year.

World-War on Water:  Do not wonder, if countries fight for WATER!

Destructive Mode: With the increase in population, there is an natural increase in the demand of food, land, properties to live and work in. Also, there stands a demand of good lifestyle with new inventions, gadgets etc. would leave the nature exploited, deforestation and pressure on natural resources.

Ocean Waters will Rule: Deforestation will destroy the animal habitat and also main reason for global warming yielding seasonal imbalance, increase in ocean levels.

Humans, the Killers: We humans are highly responsible for killing species, destroying the life cycles. I wonder generations from now, people will just read names of animals we see today. Like we read ‘Dodo’.

Towards the Self Destruction: With increasing usage of all the above, we are slowly poisoning our only home, Planet Earth!

Real Hypothesis: Generations from now, they will have huge buildings, factories, Institutions, concrete roads, Robots, high profile gadgets, Humans and JUST HUMANS!

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Advantages of Having a Small Family/Controlled Population

– Controlled Population means satisfying Demand and Supply Ratio, which would not result    in high number of chronically hungry people worldwide.

– More available resources for us and probability of its existence for generations from now

– Savings of each family across the world increases, which would result into economic growth.

– Small families are comparatively happy families resulting into higher life expectancy.

– Family planning comes with a bright education, skilled work, social wealth and status.

Do we really wish a world like this? Well, I don’t pray for this but even if worldwide people follow 1 child strategy, the number would be around 5-10 Billion in 2100 and we know it’s only China which follows it and it highly criticized.


What can we do to solve this huge problem, which may takes generations to solve? Here we can try:

  • Instruct people across the world on family planning scheme.
  • Education and Job opportunities, especially for women, as a study found that working women choose to have smaller families.
  • Spreading the awareness on how dangerous the overpopulation issue is.
  • Set social norms and understand today’s situation. Certain religion believes larger to larger families; however at the end there is no religion but just US
  • Family Planning precautions to be sent freely in the rural and urban areas by government.

It is easy for me to think, to write but I understand it is not that easy to implement. But if we try, we start, and once started we would definitely see its better side. After all it is for us and for our generations to come.

 Let’s Save Our Environment, Our Planet, Let’s Save Homo Sapiens Sapiens (US)!!

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