World’s Most Weirdest Spa Treatments

A glowing skin, shinier hair and a completely rejuvenated body! Well, almost every one of us wishes to look beautiful and so, undergo a huge list of treatments for the same. Amongst the hundreds of skin and body treatments, body spa is one of the most widely followed body enhancement and rejuvenation processes followed by millions across the world. Talking of spas, here are 10 of world’s weirdest spa treatments that you may have never come across.

  1. Snake Spa massage

Snake-massageBizarre, but true and also effective! Several non-venomous snakes are allowed to roll on your back and shoulders, giving you a natural massage like feeling. The natural weight shifting of the snakes gives you the perfect back massage, relieving you off your pain and worries. Talmei Elazar, a place in Israel is the most famous place in the world for snake Spa massage.

  1. Cactus Spa massage

Cactus-MassageCactus spa massage is yet another weird massage treatment, performed in several parts of the world. However, it is most popular in Mexico. The cactus needles are removed and then mixed with chocolate, vanilla and honey to give you a perfect body massage for an ornamental look. A simple 50 minute massage with Nopal paddies (extracted from the cactus plant) rehydrates your entire body, removes the body toxins, relaxes your muscles and brings a natural glow on your face. At times, the cactus meringue is blended with tuna (cactus blossom), pulque using tequila or sage oil to give you the Hakali massage therapy.

  1. Beer Bath

Beer-bathIf you are a beer lover, then you will surely love this spa treatment. Extremely famous in the Czech Republic, a regular 20 min beer bath will cost you just around $34 but will help your hair and skin become smoother and glow with beauty. The beer steadies the body’s blood circulation and nourishes the body with saccharides, proteins and vitamin B.

  1. Face slapping

Face-slappingBeing slapped is one of the most embarrassing situations for people. But, did you know there are face-slapping massage therapies available? Face slapping is a very common massage treatment in Thai. During this treatment, the Bangkok masseuse slaps the skin near your wrinkles which then restores the non-wrinkled skin and reduces the pores. A 15 minute therapy costs you an expensive $350. However, it is useful for clients who are in deep pain or have had humiliating experience in the past.

  1. Snail massage

Snail-massagePopular in Tokyo, Japan, Snail massage is a unique way of making your skin soft and shinier. The treatment was first experienced by a farmer who realized the fast curing property of the snail mucus. These snails are organically cultured and their slime applied on the body and face to give your skin a softer and shinier look. You will also find several makeup products made out of snail slime or mucus available in the market.

  1. Gold Massage

Gold-MassageA gold massage is 100 percent different from a regular gold facial that most people usually undergo. Here, we are talking about applying 24 carat gold directly on your face to revive its beauty, remove dead cells and oxidize the skin from within. Gold massage is extremely famous in Japan, and is also one of the most expensive forms of spa. In the treatment, a thin sheet of paper, made out of 24 carat gold is applied on your entire face along with a few hydrating compounds which add more beauty to its results.

  1. Blood Facial

Blood-facialApplying blood on your face! This doesn’t sound very interesting, but blood facial has become a one of the most effective facial treatments in the world these days. In this spa, injections filled with blood components such as serum, fibrin and platelets are applied on the skin surface using a nine home micro needle. This allows natural tissue regeneration on the face, making the skin tighter, reduce wrinkles and add more beauty to your look.

  1. Gem spa

Gem-Spa-treatmentNatural gem stones and their power over our body is an ancient belief. Precious stones like sapphires, amethyst and rubies are placed on the important chakras of the body for providing elements like magnesium, copper, zinc and silica through our skin. These natural minerals are also available in several topical creams for anti-aging purpose. But, with gem spa, you can enjoy the effect of these minerals directly into your body, without having to apply these expensive creams every single day.

  1. Snow cave Treatment

Snow-cave-TreatmentPreferably performed after a hot sauna treatment, the snow cave treatment helps reduce the body pores and relieve hypertension. An artificial snow cave is created which gives you an extremely cold environment around you. The technique is useful, but surely freezing.

  1. Fish pedicure

Fish-pedicureCommon nowadays, you will find a fish pedicure store easily in almost all major cities of the world. Rufa-fish are used for this pedicure, mainly due to their lack of teeth. They suck out the dead skin from your feet and help cure skin conditions like eczema and also psoriasis. The pedicure, although a little ticklish in nature, offers great results and relaxes your body thoroughly.

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