You Are Mine! 10 Tips To Avoid Being Possessive Of Your Partner

Love… Being in love is a great feeling! From hugging each other, kissing, holding hands and sometimes, never letting go of her/ his hand in public, it all feels great. Small but simple signs that show how much you love your partner! But, a wanton display of love, especially when surrounded by people is something that a couple needs to keep a check at. It is not love, it is possessiveness for your partner. The typical, ‘You Are Mine’ feeling!! Being in love is good, but the feeling of being possessed by someone is not good for your relation. It brings in other negative emotions such as jealousy, lack of trust and also low-esteem, all powerful enough to bring your relation to a Crashing End!

Here are 10 simple tips to help you keep the matters in perspective, especially if you think your partner is possessive of you.

past ghosts

  1. Forget the Past Ghosts

Everyone has a past! If you want your relation to work, simply bury the past ghosts (lies, fights or any emotional siyappa!). Give your relation a Fresh Start, look at the positive points and the love you feel for your partner.

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  1. Don’t be Bossy

Equality is a basic necessity in any relation. If you are bossy or over-bearing on your partner, don’t expect the relation to long. Never pile your fears on your partner, especially when you think that your partner is not in Love with you, the way you are with him/her. Trust each other and choose to stay calm.

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  1. Enjoy your Life

Although you are in a relation, never forget your individuality. Live your life, enjoy your passion, hobbies, friends and social life. Spend time together with your partner whenever you want, but not at the cost of your own social life.

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  1. Kill Jealousy

If there is Jealousy in a relation, the chances are high that the relation won’t last longer. It makes your relation bitter, killing all the good emotions and memories in no time. You have to understand your relation, trust your partner and let go of Jealousy.

with friends

  1. Introduce all your friends

Never have secret friends. Always have an open relation with your partner and introduce him/her to all your friends. Secrets give way to jealousy which in turn affect your relation.

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  1. Don’t jump from Relation to Relation

When you got into this relation, you know exactly how your partner was or would be. Now that he/she is possessive, it doesn’t mean that you break off and jump onto another relation. Understand the problem and then sort it for your love, your relation.

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  1. Know the Root cause

People are not born possessive for their partners. There has to be a story or a reason for it. Instead of breaking off and moving on, try to know the reason for such possessive behavior. Once you know the reason, fight it, conquer it and see your relation blossom.

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  1. Trust is the Key

For any relation to be successful, Trust is the key! Trust not just your partner but also yourself. You may see people flirting with your partner during parties, that doesn’t mean you will lock her in the house. Trust her that she won’t do anything wrong. Trust your Love!

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  1. Never Spy

Ok! We have all seen Cheaters and Emotional Atyachar seasons, where couples confront their cheating partners. Well, this doesn’t mean you will do the same or go spying about your partner. Jealousy and lack of trust lead to people on spying their partners. This will only break your relation. Keeping tabs on your partner to some extent is good, but not always. Being possessive about your partner will only kill your relationship.

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  1. Talk openly about your problems

If you have issues, have a dialog about them with your partner. List down your concerns and sort them one-by-one, instead of shouting and fighting like maniacs.

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