Your Body Is Way Expensive Than Luxurious Brands, Take Care Of It: Vidisha Shahani

It was seven in the morning, just a while ago sunrise has dropped us its energy package filled with nature’s love. I see a young lady performing Surya Namaskar in the her garden next to my apartment. I stood there for a while at my balcony sipping the cup of tea while watching the lady engrossed in her salutation. This was only interrupted by a little girl who had just woke up and is looking for someone. Bingo, the beautiful lady was her mother. I was inspired!

Hours later, when I was even not able to forget how beautiful and fit she was, I got another surprise! I saw her hanging from the Hammock and she was moving flexibly doing various asanas in air!! I couldn’t stop myself and headed towards her bungalow with plethora of questions.

Vidisha Shahani, mastered in Dietetics and Nutrition with a gold medal, also preparing for her exams in Prenatal Yoga! While being trained for BKS Iyengar’s yoga in Pune, she managed to join the only center for Anti gravity yoga, also known as Aerial Yoga! She says performing yoga is good but performing the same in air is just fabulous.

“Traditional yoga is performed in a ground posture. But when you go against the gravity you get more benefits. While doing Shirshasana with Hammock, you get support to be on the same pose for at least minutes resulting into neck postering correction and decompressing your spine. Each vertebral disc is separated and nerves gets compressed. Fresh blood flows upside down and the whole system is refreshed.”

While I watched her moving so smoothly in Hammock, I realised how she must have aced this talent! Upon inquiring I found, she is into yoga since she was 7! Understandable! “I have been practicing Iyengar Yoga (traditional one) under the guidance of my maternal and paternal grandfathers. They would perform Yoga for hours and while I observed them, I was always keen on knowing the different forms of yoga. For me it was always fascinating.”  

The mother of four year said that her in-laws and husband wanted her to enjoy the life but for her that’s not her life’s definition. She wants young people to think about the life they are living. “Health is not merely the absence of disease. You might be disease free but that does not make you healthy. It is about how joyful, enthusiastic and fresh you feel each day.”

“Personally I want to motivate and inspire the youth so that they can find a solution before adversely affecting their health”

These days, youngsters live with one Mantra: Eat, Work, Money in Mind, Party, Sleep. They have lost the importance of their body. Drink and smoke has become more standard than habit, going to pubs and parties shows the status, but have we ever realised we are opening gates for diseases in our old age? “Basic introspection, holistic aspect of life is just lost somewhere. It’s completely a detached thing ki baad me karenge, bhagwaan ka naam budhape me lenge, but why not now? Same way goes the health, people need to calm down and unwind themselves. Meditation and pranayamas calm you down which gives you more energy.”

Vidisha Shahani & Mansi Shah ChristianVidisha says, it is good to stand for women abuse, child abuse etc but have you glanced at yourself, what have you done to yourself? Why don’t we stand for self-abuse? Aren’t you abusing your body which is far more expensive than your branded products or delicious foods! Prioritize yourself, be fit and healthy and then fight for someone, being a motivational force. Thus, to inspire people, Vidisha and Mansi Shah Christian, her friend and colleague has come up with an firm named, The Sixth Element! The women duo will concentrate on functional gyming, traditional yoga and antigravity, complete non injurious workout.

Mansi is an expert in dietetics. She will be counselling the clients about the right food practices and Vidisha will take care of the fitness and workouts, keeping the equilibrium, intact. The center is going to hit OPEN from the month of March and these two are already super excited. These pretty ladies also run a website called Mind Body Soul, wherein they share their talent through their instant & easy healthy recipes and workout plans showcasing how food and workout is the key to productive mind and healthy body.

“Right now I am learning myself. I am gathering all the knowledge. I personally want to feel that I have complete knowledge on everything. If I teach you the right food at right time then only you can apply that with surety and confidence.”

The inspirational woman who is so much into healthy mind, body and soul says that, her little one Viviana, can have methi ke laddu having a smile on her face. At times she demands olives and bowl of soup post doing yoga with her mommy. How cool isn’t?

Taking care of your health starts at the personal level. Once everyone in the society takes their personal health responsibility than the society and the country becomes healthier overall! People will be fit, happy and productive in their work! They can help our nation in its progress and development.

Ms. Vidisha’s flexible yoga moves through Hammock, her to the point realty about how we abuse our own body, how smartly she calms her craving for foods by replacing them with healthy yet delicious foods has motivated me to the core. We need to act today to live healthy and happily forever. Human body is a machine, It has to consume first to work later. However we are just consuming food without exercising and workout out! Imagine the end? Let us all get inspired by Ms. Shahani. Now is the time to wake up!


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