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Zidd Karo Duniya Badlo – This New Video Wins Our Hearts!

We are good at being stubborn for the things we love and care, aren’t we? But what happens to little kids, who are suppressed and are won over by the physical and mental strength of their parents or guardians? Don’t they like to do what they love to do? Education is important and sending the kids to schools is definitely a wise decision. But not everyone understands this!

In a country where there are people who believe education for girls is not required, this video is a must watch. For those who believe in good and things not getting any better, there’s one message for you all – Be Stubborn!

In Dainik Bhaskar’s new edition ‘Zidd Karo Duniya Badlo’, there’s one to be inspired from! Watch it yourself, how a little girl and then the entire class of a school stands like a wall against their friend’s father:

Image source: www.realyouth.org

Video Source: kulzy.com

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