Horoscope December 2017

What Does Your Zodiac Says This December 2016?


Aries Horoscope


You start the month of December with supportive planetary positions. Businessmen and professionals are likely to benefit now with lucrative deals. However, some hurdles may arise. Here, some old, forgotten issue in a meaningful relationship could return to haunt you. This may shatter your peace of mind. There would be diversions and delight in store for you now. However, take care that you do not get into the wrong company or hang out with unscrupulous elements. Your main concern here will be to save money. As there is no planetary support at this juncture, you will need to remain firmly determined. Around mid-month, focus on maintaining the status quo, rather than planning to make any major changes. Don’t get frustrated, if suddenly everything seems to be going haywire in the technology and material world. This is temporary, and will pass, says Ganesha. Ones in business will need to stall their developmental plans or launches concerning new products. Don’t even think of joining a new job here, warns Ganesha. Watch yourself, as the problem shall lie in your own temperament now. Health remains cool, but stay positive in thought and speech. Chronic issues will need their regular quota of care. At the end of December, what will matter most to you could be your journey ahead. Plus, you will be inclined to introspect, review decisions and deliberate on your status. Young singles may remain more concerned about career than companionship. Family bonds, though, shall be happy.


Taurus Horoscope


In the first week of December, natives of Taurus will be restless to venture into something new for their betterment. Do not neglect the home front on the pretext of being too busy with work. You need to spend time regularly to understand the needs and requirements at home, says Ganesha. Over weekend, you could incur expenses on some religious ceremony in the family. As you move into the next week, you shall be joyous and carefree since your monetary position appears comfortable at this juncture. However, job holders may feel frustrated for not getting due appreciation for their work, informs Ganesha. Businessmen and professionals could face hurdles in their daily routine. Young singles may have to charm their way to draw attention of a member of the opposite sex. Mid-month some important planetary changes take place. Thus, from now on, major financial involvement should be avoided. There may also be setbacks in communication. Lack of communication with near ones may lead to misunderstandings. Those in love may feel like reviewing the relationship. Married folks are likely to benefit and share enjoyable moments with their partner. According to Ganesha, now businessmen and professionals might get encouraging results from their organized effort. Earnings and bank balance may improve. In regard to health, diabetics need to be careful. They should follow the diet prescribed by their physician.


Gemini Horoscope


The beginning of December looks set to be a good phase for the natives of Gemini Zodiac. Your finances shall be secure, and you may have no major expenses in sight. With money to spare, you may be keen to invest. You could dabble in shares of companies that have a history of paying handsome dividend, suggests Ganesha. Those in jobs may find it challenging to meet scheduled deadlines and finish assignments. As the month progresses, the good phase seems to be coming to an end. By the second week, be prepared for some stress in routine activities. At this moment, you need to remain focused on your work. You could land up buying things on whim and repenting later, with Moon entering your sign, points out Ganesha. Here, there may be a strong urge to rise in your field and gain recognition. To move towards your goal, you need to play your cards wisely now. In the third week, the stars continue to be unsympathetic. This indicates stressful times ahead. It is better to review decisions and rethink strategies here. Ganesha advises against giving in to such tendencies. By the month end, singles are likely to develop an intimate relationship. Love birds might cozy up together. With regard to health, some issues, like joint pains and respiratory problems, could get bothersome.


Cancer Horoscope


For natives of Cancer Zodiac, December commences with a strong desire to gallop ahead towards success. So eager you might be to achieve your goals that you may contemplate changing your current strategy and experimenting with some innovative ideas. However, the lady luck has some other plans. In view of this, go with the flow to achieve desired results, advises Ganesha. You will need to work hard and be absolutely focused. In the second week, the stars continue to shower their blessings. Some good opportunity for monetary gains is likely to come up. Businessmen and professionals might negotiate few fruitful deals. For job holders, their commitment and willingness to take on additional responsibilities could bear rich dividend, says Ganesha. By mid-month, the area that you will need to actively concentrate will be communications. There are chances of your floundering here. Ganesha alerts that lack of effective communication could create misunderstandings and hurt relationships. Financially, there will be an improvement. Young singles wishing for romance will be favoured by the planetary positions, in the 2nd fortnight. Unfortunately, married folks shall be glum due to the non-cooperative behaviour of their partner. Health too could get a bit bothersome, during this phase. Those with respiratory problems need to be on their guard. By the month end, those in business shall stand to gain substantially. There will be enough opportunities for growth. As you are more relaxed on the financial front, you will gladly increase your family budget. The only issue that may leave a sour taste in your mouth here could be a disagreement with a close relative, warns Ganesha. But, overall, December looks like a good period for you.


Leo  Horoscope


At the beginning of December, natives of Leo Zodiac will be confident and busy with work. A lucrative opportunity may come by too. Remain calm and composed to be able to think clearly and intelligently. In the next week, Jupiter may facilitate your meeting with an influential person, which will be helpful for your future prospects. Grab this opportunity of meeting this person. However, be careful about clash of views and opinions with a colleague. The conflict could be over business ideas, working methods, decisions or actions. Later, under the capricious effects of moon, young singles, not getting the nod from family elders to tie the knot with their sweet heart, may plan to run away and wed secretly. Well, double-check. Though planets are supportive, this is a big move, and do re-consider. Mid-month, the stars may begin to look ominous: not good either for family or fortune. Unexpected expenses at home might not leave much for savings. An altercation with a family member could further build the tension. Refrain from getting sarcastic, as it may create long-lasting ill will and sour relationships, warns Ganesha. By the month end, planetary positions turn for the better, to some extent, thereby helping in the smooth running of routine activities. Those in business shall be able to carry out bulk supply of goods and materials successfully. The planets do not seem too supportive of health this month. Thus, do not neglect even minor ailments or infections.


Virgo - Horoscope


For natives of Virgo, December opens on an anxious note. You may need to brace yourself for an unpleasant confrontation with your colleague. It may spiral out of control to such an extent that reconciliation may appear difficult for the moment. Here, you could be entrusted with some additional responsibility that could prove challenging. A feeling of insecurity may grip you. You may have to incur some unexpected expenditure on urgent repairs at home. Those to benefit now could be businessmen and professionals who may come across one good opportunity to shore up finances. Financially, you will be sound at this juncture. Midmonth some important changes in planetary position take place. Refrain from commencing anything new, advises Ganesha. Mars changing sign to enter a friendly watery Sign Pisces could adversely impact marital life. Around midweek, Singles will now be able to enjoy physical intimacy with likeminded person of opposite sex. By the month end, you could be overcome by a strong urge to earn recognition. However, do not get desperate. Let your work speak for you, instead of you openly boasting about your past achievements. You could face difficulties in routine work, warns Ganesha. Those with calcium deficiency and joint pains need to be careful.


Libra Horoscope


In the first week of December, there is happiness and marital bliss on the cards for natives of Libra. Married couples may look forward to good times ahead. Your spouse is likely to be sensitive to your needs and wants. For businessmen and professionals, too, there are prestigious deals and pleasure in store. There are chances of you getting frustrated at times. The second week opens with blessings from heaven. Things should move as planned with little or no impediments in day-to-day activities. Here, you mental faculties might sharpen and you will use your intelligence to make the right moves, says Ganesha. Midmonth, an opportunity from abroad could seem beneficial. Better you delay or defer making any commitment. The influence of Mars here could see you spending indiscriminately, driven more by instinct than intellect, warns Ganesha. The month end looks like a good time for those wanting to switch jobs. Get moving right away and start applying, suggests Ganesha. Most likely you will get a suitable offer soon. Growth prospects should be encouraging here. Now, even freshers can hope to find a job to their liking. Businessmen will need to be content with routine gains. Young singles will be lucky. The marital bliss that started at the beginning of the month might continue, though not with the same fervour.


Scorpio Horoscope


Natives of Scorpio will be busy attending to some urgent domestic matters at the beginning of December. While occupied at home, you might receive a confirmation for a major deal. Though you may feel like celebrating the big break with your near ones, you need to keep an eye on your dues. You may have to eventually write off the money to settle the matter. In the second week, there might be several moments to despair. Married couples will want to go their own way and not keen to enjoy pleasures of life with each other. Some disturbances in the family may keep you stressed. No major monetary gains are predicted here. Issues related to common cold and cough may bother you here. Midmonth some noticeable changes in planetary positions take place. Mercury turns retrograde here. Since technology and communications could go wonky during Good time to draw up strategies for future action. By the month end, you may incur expenses for some religious ceremony arranged by the family. Matters related to the house could need your immediate attention. You should be careful of financial transactions. Do not make any major commitments for the time being. Singles could long for sensual pleasures without any commitment or attachment. Married folks will find abundant love and happiness this week, says Ganesha. No serious threat to health is foreseen here.


Sagittarious Horoscope


For natives of Sagittarius, the month of December could start on a positive note. Businessmen and professionals could benefit from short-term travel. This may add to their list of customers. The only ones to benefit here with the current planetary position could be those who are employed. In fact, the future looks promising for them. Try to maintain cordial relations with your boss. Also, the stars indicate monetary gains for you at this juncture, according to Ganesha. On the work front, the promising phase is likely to continue into the second week. Routine affairs will be smooth and there will be more opportunities to benefit. Ganesha advises that you should try and resolve issues in close relationship here that have been pending for long. Young singles may be overwhelmed on meeting an adolescent crush. Both may seem keen to take the matter forward. Go ahead as the planets also favour the bond. Interestingly, there is a strong possibility of the friendship culminating in marriage. Mid-month, there could be a setback, particularly for those in business. You should pay extra attention to schedules and appointments now. The situation could go out of hand if you are not meticulous about details. Hence, you need to take all precautions to keep work on track, warns Ganesha. Job holders need to keep a low profile and maintain cordial relations with seniors. By the month end, you might be able to devise strong strategies to achieve desired results. Some investments made earlier by you will now bear rich dividends. At this time, though, you will need to take care of your health.


Capricone Horoscope


This month, unexpected expenses are likely. You may need to be on your toes to meet the contingencies. In view of all this, monitor your earnings and expenses closely. Refrain from taking any major decisions related to money for the time being. While there may be an increase your earnings and stabilise finances. Thankfully, the second week brings good tidings, especially for married couples. Happy times are in store for them. They will like to spend as much time together as possible. Bachelors, however, could be pressurised by their families to choose a partner and tie the knot. You will be comfortable financially this month. Here, an investment made earlier may bring cheerful results. If in a job, the smooth running of routine activities shall enhance your performance. Mid-month, several planetary changes take place. You could use this period to rework crucial aspects of your life that may make your journey ahead smoother. Like a perceptive person, you too might get a clear vision on what’s working and what’s not; thus, do not waste this opportunity. Businessmen will be happy with a steady rise in sales, but job holders will need to be careful about omissions and oversights. In regard to health, an old issue, thought to be cured earlier, may resurface. Try alternative medicines for permanent cure.


Aquarius - Horoscope


Aquarius natives will have their nose to the grind at the beginning of December. They might be required to multitask and slog. But, the positive outcome for all your sweat shall be that you will emerge much more confident, after this phase. The remaining days of the week seem to be dedicated to passion and sensual pleasures. Young singles may now be keen for an intimate relationship. However, their confusion about who is right for them may continue to haunt them for some time. They may even consider eloping or taking a major step in their personal relationship or may plan to break of entirely. In short, extreme behaviour is likely, especially because the family members may not be very supportive. Instead of taking such a drastic step, try convincing your family, says Ganesha. Married folks can sit back and savour the bliss of marital life now. Some of you may wish to buy a new car now. Stars give a nod for a major, but well planned expense. Hence, at times, you could feel low and depressed. You may take stock of your gadgets and machines, wishing with fervour to replace a few of them. By the end of December, you will need to be extra cautious while dealing with your close relationships. Refrain from becoming overtly critical, and taking a drastic step, especially if you are married, advises Ganesha.


Pisces Horoscope


Natives of Pisces could be dreaming of making quick bucks at the beginning of December. But, guard against treading on the wrong or unethical path. Ganesha feels that you could probably wait for better times to make your best moves. These two planets could push you to enjoy a better lifestyle. You could be drawn to activities that bring pleasure and diversion. In the second week, young singles could bump into an old crush and, thanks to Cupid, sparks may fly. But married couples, unfortunately, will not be covered by Cupid’s consideration. Their partners could be thoughtless and insensitive and fail to give a befitting response. During this phase, expect some disturbances in routine work. Despite extended hours, you might have unfinished task on your table. Mid-month, some technological glitches at workplace may affect smooth functioning. By the month end, you could be eager to make a foolproof strategy for growth. Those employed might get encouraging support from colleagues. This could motivate you to perform efficiently and give your best. The glitches affecting routine work may continue in the coming days. You may have to bear with it for some time, says Ganesha. Overall, December looks set to be an unfavorable month for the married folks, as malefic forces seem bent on keeping them perturbed. Fortunately, forecasts for health are good.

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