Dr. Pallavi Satarkar

IVF Specialist, Obstetrics, Gynecologist

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Born and Brought up at Nagpur. A non-vegetarian foodie, Adventurous and a sporty personality with a loving heart defines me the best. Formally trained for horse riding and Love to travel specifically not as a tourist but as a traveler. A gadget savvy and passionate about work.

Finished medical college in 2002 and 2008, I went Germany for my super-specialty Diploma for Laproscopy. Again in 2012 for IVF went to Germany. I was always competent enough to work in the IVF field. But, financial limitations took five years of realizing the dream into reality. I worship my work and I work in a very serious manner. But after becoming responsible and committed, due to responsibility I do not get time for myself. The more you become powerful the less you become available to yourself. Multitasking is a walk on a tight rope but god has made women immensely capable of doing it. I am proud to be born as a women.

I do not have anyone in the family from medicine background. Initially, when I started as a gynecologist, was sure to work for myself where I have freedom of thought. Time went things started shaping up the way I have always wished. I believe the only effort you put in can become your progress.

Anant IVF is on the name of my Dad which means the Infinite. While planning for my Anant IVF Center, I assured that it does not look like a routine monotonous hospital or clinic. But, a place with liveliness and warmth such that people walking in can feel the encouragement with a touch of a positive start of their life. And presently handling the staff of 17 people in my premises. Now as I have reached the milestone of casting my skill to infertile couple. The future goal is to educate the society related to the concept of Social Egg Freezing & Fertility preservation for cancer patients.
“To all the women friends most simple but most foremost, the biological clock does not wait for your career, education, financial stability etc. So, please comprehend the biology on time and take the beautiful call towards motherhood.”

Every third couple receive a treatment to have a baby is alarming high for problems like PCOD, Endometriosis, tubal factors etc. There are few things that require timely recognition as all these diseases have a progressive nature and timely treatment can save your life. So, beyond a time of waiting it becomes mandatory to see IVF consultant.

Anant IVF is always there to LISTEN to you and be with you through the entire journey and help you to experience the best. I believe in working from heart.

Achievements :

International and National Faculty on major conferences of IVF and Endoscopy.
Organized workshops and patient education seminars more than 100 in number to cater perfect skills and speed awareness regarding Infertility. Have been awarded for paper presentations at National Conferences.

Anant IVF Center has achieved IVF success rates above 40%, which is at par with the international success rates. The institution has to its credits more than 500 babies born after procuring treatment. Out of which 45 couples delivered twins. We are also actively progressing in the field of Social Egg Freezing & Fertility Preservation for Cancer Patients.

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