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‘My mat is my canvas and yoga is my art’, this quote very appropriately, defines Nikitaa Parmar’s incessant journey in the zone of fitness. Having kick-started her career as a graphic designer and animator, it was her inner urge to bring about a holistic improvement in an individual’s overall health through the power of yoga, that drew her towards embracing it. Holding a diploma affiliated with Traditional Medical Science from Rishikesh, India and a diploma in advanced teachers training, she got her first taste at teaching when she was a mere yoga practitioner but over the years has materialized into a seasoned Yoga expert.

She has been teaching traditional yoga since the past 5 years, and ever since has been committed to making a difference in the lives of people by applying her extensive knowledge of Yogic philosophy.  Comprehending the significance of yoga in order to maintain a sound mind in a sound body, she currently works as a Yoga teacher at RESET- Holistic Living Concepts and endeavours to create a harmonious environment, promoting learning based on the stability of the mind and body.

Besides Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga asanas, she also specialises in Therapy yoga – which involves combating and preventing specific lifestyle disorders like diabetes, obesity, thyroid, blood pressure, stress etc. through Yoga. She believes in the holistic approach towards creating good health and a fit body, which means Yoga is not just about what you do in your one-hour practice session, but it’s also about how you go about living your life the rest of the twenty-three hours of your day. She guides individuals with easy and simple tips on how to follow a healthier lifestyle which is key to a positive and happy life! Her teaching practices include techniques that bring a healthy balance between the body, the breath and the mind – the breath being the bridge between the other two. She firmly believes that mind and body are interconnected. Along with coddling your body, the mind also needs to be taken care of. If the mind is not healthy it will eventually trickle down to the body, and cause complications in its functioning. Yoga, through asanas, pranayama and meditation, not just keeps the body healthy but also helps keep the mind calm and balanced, which will, in turn, reflects on the body.

Having worked in tandem with numerous patients suffering from lifestyle disorders she is proud to see the remarkable changes in their life through the practice of Yoga.  With a fine mix of stretching, relaxation and meditation, Nikitaa hopes to bring about a holistic modification in the lives of people.

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