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How To Keep Your Skin Moist During Winter

Our skin is one of the most sensitive organs in our body. And with winter setting in, it gets more difficult taking good care of it. The weather makes the skin dry, uncomfortable and itchy which makes it very important for us to keep it moist and tender all through the growing cold. Apart from just applying a layer of skin creams on the skin, you need to take special care about the surroundings which will help keep your skin moist. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your skin moist and glowing throughout the freezing winter season.

Humidifier: The air during the winter season is very dry. No matter whether you use a heater to keep the house warm, the air stays dry and thus absorbs all the moisture from your skin. Using a humidifier in the house will greatly help restore all the moisture in the air and hence, also on your skin.

More moisturizer: Choose a good moisturizer for the winter season or an oil based ointment that will protect your skin and help it retain more moisture. However, make sure you choose only products that won’t clog your pores or are not very greasy.

Sunscreen: Sunscreen is not just for the summers. They work wonders for your skin when used in winter. Sunscreen helps protect your skin from the winter air and snow glare. Apply it 30 minutes before going out. And, reapply them if you stay long outdoors.

Hydrate your body: Drink plenty of water throughout the day. This will help your body stay in a good shape and keep your skin fresh. Water helps your skin stay hydrated and moisturized from within.

Gloves and socks: Apply moisturizers to your hands and feet as often as possible and cover them with gloves and socks. This will keep them warm and also soft in the winters. However, make sure you don’t wear wet socks and gloves as they can cause cracking, itching, eczema and also sores.

No superhot baths: Almost everyone loves having a hot bath in the winter season. Soaking in the hot water feels great after coming from the chilly winter cold. But, the heat of the shower breaks off the lipid barrier in the skin, leading to moisture loss. Thus, it is better to have bath in warm water than hot water.

Avoid face peels: During the winters, the skin on our face stays extremely dry. Peels, masks or other skin treatments will remove all the vital oils form your skin. Thus, it is best to use non-alcoholic or milk based skin-toner that will keep your skin hydrated.

So, now that you know about these skin care tips, make sure you keep your skin moist and glowing all through the winters.

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