MANJU KAUSHAL, The heart behind Specko Brainny.
Manju Kaushal

Manju Kaushal, now 53, runs a community known as Specko Brainny since 2006 which is based in Vadodara. The community focuses on well being and life skills development of intellectually disabled children by providing them a comfortable space and helping their parents by providing insight and help. Born in the city of love Agra, Manju

A young and vibrant writer, eager to make a mark. Qualification: Pursuing, Bachelor's in Fashion Communication. Hometown: Vadodara.
Dr Neelam Gupta is all about women’s education, recognition and empowerment
Dr Neelam Gupta

Financially, the foundation struggled for 1.5 years. Volunteers were called in from different countries and huge proposals were sent to various organisations.

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