Do You Know Where Your Jewellery Came From, And Can, you be Sure?
Wedding Jewellery

Jewellery always have a certain air of mystery to it. Not many can provide its true source.

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Dress for Success: 5 Fashion Tips for Various Types of Necklines

The key to creating stylish outfits is often in the accessories and none are more important than the pieces worn near the neckline.

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How To Choose The Perfect Diamond Earrings For Every Occasion?
diamond earrings

The classic style is the type that’s plain yet elegant. It is one average-sized stone placed on a simple butterfly-back earring. This type may seem a little boring but because of the stone’s elegant shimmer, it can manage to make any casual outfit exude a certain degree of finesse. It’s good for days when you want to look pretty but not too gaudy. You can wear them to work, play, shop, or whatever it is you have to do. They’re simple but they dazzle – a must-have indeed!

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Gold Ring Designs for Your Man
Gold Ring Designs for Your Man

Now that you know what kind of rings are suitable for men, treat your man to one of these rings, a gift that he will cherish forever!

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The Essential Guide to Buying Engagement Rings
engagement rings 1

Our heartfelt congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Okay, now without grandmother lingo: big congrats on deciding to get engaged! You must be terribly excited, and terribly lost about what kind of ring to get for your significant other. No worries, we totally get it.

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Diamonds: Hard Stones for Soft Sentiments and Dazzling Beauty
diamond jewellery

Diamonds are considered to be a symbol of longevity. The qualities that make diamonds so valuable in the industrial sector – qualities like longevity, durability, and clarity

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Latest Jewellery Fads of Bollywood Actresses
Fashion Jewellery

Accessories adorned by Bollywood actresses in the movies, ads and also in real life have become so popular that you can see them creating an increasing demand in the market. There are a number of trends that have been already set in the past and are still going on in full swing along with the new ones blending in slowly like a mix.

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An Accessory That Defines Your Style!
Fashion Jewelry
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An addition of an accessory to your wardrobe can take anything from basic to startling in no time. A woman can add charisma to her attire by just adding a piece of an accessory. With so many on-going and evolving trends, every woman wants to experiment different styles. There are now endless collections to choose from that will suit everyone’s tastes; from someone who wants to keep it moderate or someone who likes to layer up in excess to someone who wants to layer up but still keep it basic.

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Celebrate Your Love for Jewelry With Diamonds
Diamond jewelry

Beauty of love is hidden in the marvelous solitaire rings that are captured in an ample variety of designs for both men and women. It’s the true specimen of your commitment towards your soul mate to stay true and responsible to one another forever.

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Choose the Best Companion: Platinum vs Gold!
64042902 - two wedding rings with diamond on platinum rings

Jewelry is special. One buys it with a lot of joy and excitement. Whether to buy Platinum or Gold jewelry always remains a confusion. We help you decide what is best suited for you by identifying the most important differences!

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5 Hot Summer Trends You Should Try!

Who said Summer meant only simple cotton wears and a hat for your style check? Yes, fashion is about your comfort but today, Fashion isn’t restricted to simple cotton clothes and a pair of colourful slippers. Right from Casual tops to party wears, Office wear to designer clothes, from chic pants to Accessories, Summer Fashion includes them all. And to enjoy the season with style, all you need to do is know the right Fashion trends for summer and choose what your heart wishes. The perfect combinations and you can don the perfect summer look with verve.

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Rings And Bands – Propose Your Love On Valentine’s Day!
valentine band

Platinum, Gold & Silver & hundreds of designs in each of them! So, how do you choose the perfect metal for your love on Valentine’s Day or the right wedding bands for your D-Day? Here we have compiled a comparative list of features of the different precious metals to help you choose rightly.

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Bangles And Positive Vibes – Why Indian Women Wear Bangles?
Indian Bangles - 2

One of the popular and auspicious ornament that Indian women wear since centuries are Bangles. Originated in Hinduism, every other religion that came from various invasion in India accepted the fact and embraced it as one of their religious belief. Go on a busy market street some day and you will find Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Buddhist and Christian women showing their interest in buying colourful bangles.

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Fall/ Winter 2014-2015 Accessory Trend
youshine gloves

This winter go stylish with the exclusive Fall/Winter 2014 – 15 Accessory trends. Checkout the classic fashion accessories and the new trend that you can follow with your simple and also classy clothes to make your beautiful evenings and parties look perfect. Look gorgeous in everything you wear with a simple accessory. Let’s have a closer look at the new accessory trends this season.

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Jewellery Trends This Festive Season – Navratri 2014
Navratri Jwel 6

We already told you all about the major outfit trends, aka the hot Chaniya Choli’s that are going to rock the Garba grounds this season! In case you are wondering what you will be accessorizing these outfits with! We bring you the top trends in Jewellery this festive season. Accessories have always been a high

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All About Diamonds (Part 3 of 4) – By Shivraj Gaekwad
From the Expert

Know everything about diamonds explained by the jewelry designer Shivraj Gaekwad in four sessions. The third session covers the Clarity of a Diamond.

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All About Diamonds (Part 2 of 4) – By Shivraj Gaekwad
From the Expert

Know everything about diamonds explained by the jewelry designer Shivraj Gaekwad in four sessions. The second session covers the Color of a Diamond.

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All About Diamonds (Part 1 of 4) – By Shivraj Gaekwad
diamonds with different cuts
From the Expert

Know everything about the diamonds explained by the jewelry designer Shivraj Gaekwad in four sessions. The first sessions covers the Cuts of a Diamond.

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