Beautiful Blouse Designs To Wear With Your Office Saree!

Sarees can be worn by all women irrespective of your body shape, size or weight. Your formal saree will only achieve the right look if you pair it with a sophisticated but professional blouse design.

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7 Tips on How to Be a Stylish Mom
stylish mom tips

Whether you have just had your first baby, or you are a professional parent, since having your little one, you may feel like you have forgotten to look after yourself. If this is how you feel, don’t worry, you are not alone. Trying to look and feel attractive is considered to be an extra pressure and responsibility that many mothers face on top of being a parent, maintaining a career, etc.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Stretch Sequins Fabrics

If you consider these aspects before investing in expensive stretch sequins fabric, it will certainly help you. Check the stretch aspect of the material you choose and go in for a simple and effective pattern.

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Heat Presses: How to Choose the Right One?
T shirt Heat Press

Are you looking to heat press some neat patterns and designs onto shirts, socks, shoes, or anything in between? If so, choosing a heat press is the first thing which you should be concerned about.

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How To Style A Shrug?
Style a Shrug

The shrug is not a routine design. The only element that is routine about a shrug is that it opens from the front and is a loose jacket. There are long and short shrugs, narrow and flared shrugs, shrugs with sleeves and without and the likes. There are new trends emerging in shrugs on a regular basis. Let’s see how to style a few shrug patterns that are most popular.

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Tips On Choosing Accessories To Match Your Body Shape And Personality!
Tohl bags

Looking your best is not at all a difficult task, especially when you know what suits you and your body shape! Right from choosing the right clothes, jewelry, shoes and other accessories such as handbags, everything helps you to look your elegant best! Wearing a spaghetti strap top, usually accentuates your shoulders, giving you a sexy look! But wearing a spaghetti strap top is a big no-no when you have broad shoulders or have an inverted triangle body shape.

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Fashion Trends You Just Need to Wear in 2018
Fashion Trends Feature

The season changes and so does your fashion wardrobe! For women, choosing that perfect little dress for casual evenings with friends or a regular denim pant with a trendy top on it is not quite as simple as it seems!

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Try Different Trends And Fashion But Pair With Best Accessories For Special Appearance
Kurta For Men Feature

You might think that kurtas aren’t perfect for casual outings. However, if you wear a plain kurta with denim and loafer, it not only looks trendy but also keeps you light and comfortable. Plain cotton kurtas are perfect for summer, so it is just perfect for a place with humid weather.

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5 Tips To Develop Your Fashion Style
Fashion Style

When you scroll down social media pages, you see that celebrities always look fancy. You also may look fabulous regardless your body type. The key point is to evaluate your clothes, find specific things and put an accent on them.

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Four Fabulous White Dresses to Brighten Up Your New Year’s Eve Party!

The question is, what will you wear? Here are four fabulous white dresses to brighten up your New Year’s Eve celebration. You can also find all of the happy dresses at this lovely online clothing boutique for women.

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How To Pick A Right Kurti From The Market?

If you are someone who hasn’t yet tried this unique dress then it’s high time you slipped into one. Just head to the market and stop by any good shop dealing in traditional attires, you are sure to come across a plenty of varieties. But before you make a pick, you must consider factors like your complexion and body type. If you are a little tall then you will look great in those long Kurtis. However, if you possess a short stature, then you will do fine with short Kurtis.

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How to Choose the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Body Shape?

There is way too much information out there telling us what we can and can’t wear, with a plethora of reasons why. However, this is usually misguided advice that doesn’t concentrate on what’s really important: how it fits you and how it makes you feel. Every woman deserves to feel sexy in the sun, so we’ve put together a guide so you will choose the perfect swimsuit for your body shape this season.

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Do You Choose Perfect Clothes For Your Body Shape?
body-shapes cover

Last time you tried a dress that looked beautiful on the model that appeared online on the e-commerce website, You had bought according to your size and expected it to fit nicely and appear as it does on the screen; however you aren’t happy with the way it looks on you. Has this happened with you? I know it sounds similar to many of us; However, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong online or it’s who who is not fitting well! It’s actually your body type, the shape of your body!

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One Scarf, 25 Stylized Ways To Wear It Like A Fashionista!

Recently, a blogger had said that, fashion sense is more about the weight of your pocket and less about the fashion sense in general! Well, this stands true, though not in every cases! We often wonder what to wear, how to be the most stylish icon in a group with minimum add on’s. Well, here’s something you would like add into your cupboards without spending much on it! It’s inexpensive, simple, smart and most important thing is, it’s multitasker! All you need is a scarf, just a piece of cloth to rock the glamour look from being a plane simple chic. One Scarf and 25 different ways to wear it! Yes, you heard that right! 25!!

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Impress The Interviewer, With Your Smart Interview Dressing
The cover

If you have a formal presentation, interview or business meeting coming up that is important to you and you feel like you should put your best foot forward, then this guide is for you. Maintaining your personal style whilst still being appropriately dressed for an interview scenario can prove to be a challenge. A job interview can be tricky place to make a fashion statement because you have so much on the line and so much to lose (or gain if you’re successful). We’ve put together a few simple tips for choosing your attire and standing out for all the right reasons.

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Go Smart And Bold, The Indian Ethnic Way At Your Office!

You can still wear ethnic at office and sizzle, at the same time be formal and not shiny – blingy! Women are universally confused on what to wear, be it friends hangouts at streets or restaurants or getting up all ready for office. Though most of the women found western formals as the most comfortable clothing at office, we have something new and amazing for the women who love to go ethnic all the time or who do not wear anything but Indian!

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5 Hot Summer Trends You Should Try!

Who said Summer meant only simple cotton wears and a hat for your style check? Yes, fashion is about your comfort but today, Fashion isn’t restricted to simple cotton clothes and a pair of colourful slippers. Right from Casual tops to party wears, Office wear to designer clothes, from chic pants to Accessories, Summer Fashion includes them all. And to enjoy the season with style, all you need to do is know the right Fashion trends for summer and choose what your heart wishes. The perfect combinations and you can don the perfect summer look with verve.

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5 Creative Ways To Reuse Your Mom’s Old Sarees!
cushion saree
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We all love our sarees and make sure to preserve them for years to come. Some are expensive and some have huge sentimental values attached to them. But when such sarees become old, lose out their natural sheen or when the embroidery starts coming off, what do we do, just give them away? Doesn’t sound like a good idea, does it?
Well, it’s a good thing to donate your old clothes but with some, you just can’t part ways. So, keep those rich and precious sarees close to yourself by just changing its form.

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