Using Blogging to Boost Your Writing Skills as a Student

There are many methods to help students improve their writing skills, blogging remains one of the most effective and newest ones. We live in a digital world and students are permanently exposed to information coming through different channels of communication. Thus, encouraging students to use blogs to improve their writing skills will bring a lot of benefits to the long-term.

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How Can Women Entrepreneurs Start With A New Enterprise?
Women Entrepreneurs
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This is the era of technology which is unbiased and supportive to all: A beginning of equality in the business world. This is the era of women entrepreneurship. Hence, any ambitious, innovative, and insightful woman can plan for a successful entrepreneurial journey if she follows the suggestions shared below.

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Emotional Competence : Your Success Mantra
Woman Success Mantra
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Emotional Competence is capability of a person to use emotional skills in job and day to day life, with mastery on these capacities a person can achieve success in his career. What counts most in job performance is “Emotional Competence” and not high I.Q, business school degree or technical experts.

6 Simple Mistakes to Avoid If You Want to Create an Irresistible CV
CV Simple Mistakes

When it comes to your career and your future, it is only natural that you want to find a job with a good salary and prospects. Of course, in order to do this you need to have the right skills and qualifications. You also need to be able to sell yourself to a potential employer.

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3 Treasure Tips: Build Your Strong Resume, That No One Can Reject!
Girl sitting on the floor with a laptop raising his arms with a look of success

They say first impression is the last impression when it comes to your personality, your behavior or most importantly the way dress up; however, is that it? Do you think when you are on a job hunt, these are the only things the employer’s notice? Nope! First Impression of your Resume also counts well!! And a whopping school and college scores/grades are not the stars that would shine in your career but there’s much more required to that.

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Best Jobs A Woman Can Continue After Getting Married!
marriage office

Indian women are known for compromising with their careers post marriage and completely put a stay once they begin the journey of motherhood! But why do so, when you have plethora of options that gives you the liberty to work alongside giving equal importance to your new family? We understand you need a supportive, caring husband and his family to back the career options, but we are sure every educated guy out there extends his helping hand and generous heart when asked upon your wishes to work. Won’t they?

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The Best Conferences Worldwide for Female Entrepreneurs
woman entrepreneurs

Conferences are held all over the world and they cover every topic imaginable. They are great for all types of entrepreneurs and business people who want to gain access to the latest tips, products and services that can make their own companies thrive. Additionally, conferences are also a great way to learn something new that will expand your horizons as a business person.

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Career Counseling – What Career to choose post 12th Exams?
confused teenager

The exams are over and perhaps its time to get prepared for those All India Entrance Exams to help you get enrolled into your desired field of education. And before you know it, it will be almost time for your 12th results, shocking for a few and delightfully surprising for others. But with the results out and then starting with the admission procedures, it gets really confusing for all students and their parents alike to choose an ideal career option for their kids.

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The Power of Journalizing – Wording Your Aspirations
Barkha Dutt

The world moves on three pillars – thoughts, words and actions. If these three elements are in alignment to your goals/commitments/dreams/aspirations – rest assured, you will make progress in life. Mediation is the sure fire way to still your mind, the other important and indispensable tool in your ‘Self-growth’ journey is maintaining a ‘JOURNAL’. Words are the medium of communication and when spoken with intention, they carry enormous power.

Why Was Your Job Application Denied?
job rejection

The truth is that you may never actually know why your job application was denied since this is not something that is mentioned for applicants. You need to basically do all that you can in order to increase the possibility of being successful.

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3 Principles For The Working Women!
woman getting idea

Life of a working woman is perhaps the most complicated story, one can even think off. Right from managing work to attending families; from enjoying happy moments with friends to finding some Self time… it is the most difficult think to do.

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Advantages Gained From The Pensters
custom writing service

Freelance writers are gaining huge momentum these days due to its high demand, especially coming from the college going students who are pressurized to submit their writing assignments, articles, research papers, thesis and so on. The Pensters is one of the leading writing portals, offering professional research, term papers, essays or any kind of the

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5 Most Daunting Jobs For a Woman

Do you think that your job is the most stressful one? Check out some of the most stressful jobs for a woman.

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Top Career Options For Housewives And Moms

Here are some best career options available for housewives or moms who wish to make cash sitting at home & still take care of their infants without any compromise.

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Best Career Options For Women

What is the ideal career option for a woman? Here are 10 career options that are considered ideal for women all across the globe.

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Managing Work And Baby Together – The Balancing Act

Take a look at 5 simple tips to help you manage your baby and work together, without missing out on anything!

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Equal jobs and equality for men and women – A distant dream

Equal jobs for men and women still are a distant dream but society is changing with increase in the number of female employees and bosses.

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Working Woman Leading the Under Pressure
Women under pressure

Learn how you being a working woman can deal with work related problems.

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