Everybody thinks about what is inside the pot but nobody wants to know about what is on the pot-Srijana Bagaria
Srijana Bagaria

Our typical thought process is nothing will happen to us. We will use all possible tricks to use a loo but we won’t buy a Rs 150 spray to sanitise it.

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I used to starve myself. And losing all that weight didn’t make me happy-Diksha Chhabra
Dikhsha Chhabra

When I was lethargic, my son had lost interest in play time as well. When I got active, he became double-active

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Is Kratom Tea Effective?

Kratom is a kind of herb that can be used for different advantages during a few types of pain in the body as pain, stress, depression. While the best approach to use Kratom is as Kratom Tea.

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I was a homemaker and I didn’t know about gyms – Kiran Dembla
kiran dembla

A typical day for Kiran is spending time with her family, heading her photography team, training prospective DJs, providing guidance to online fitness classes, checking social media and the emails she receives followed by a gym session before retiring for the night.

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Best Products That Will Help Women During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important stages in a woman’s life and as much as it is special, it is quite a crucial time to overcome too. The expecting mother has to go through a lot of mental as well as physical changes during this time and thus, she deserves great care and attention.

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Arthritis and Women – All You Need To Know About This Unwanted Relationship

The term arthritis is used to define a bone or joint pain, swelling and rigidity. Arthritis is not a common disorder, although various types exist among people. 23 percent of all grown-ups — more than 54 million — have arthritis in the United States.

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Pregnant and Traveling – Watch What You Eat While On The GO!
pregnancy and traveling

Pregnancy is a whole new experience for women and having a little one waiting to pop, changes the entire concept of traveling.

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Top Things You Need To Do NOW If You Meet a Car Accident during Pregnancy
Pregnant Woman Driving a Car on Coastal Road

Car accidents are an extreme no-no at all times but the situation rises even more especially if you are pregnant. Whether you accept it or not, in case of a car accident there can be situations that might harm your child.

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CBD News – Is It A Good Idea To Buy The Cheapest CBD Oil?
CBD oil

The method of production process adopted for CBD oil not only defines its cost but purity as well.

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4 Ways Fertility Treatment Can Fit into Your Busy Life
Fertility Clinic

Running at full speed with too many responsibilities is today’s “norm”. Throw infertility issues into the mix, and it may feel impossible to juggle it all.

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There are also several risk factors that can make you suffer from COPD

One of the main causes of chronic bronchitis in the US is smoking. Cigar smoke can also cause bronchitis when inhaled, cigarette smoke is the main cause of emphysema.

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Pregnancy Nags – What Most Women Go Through?
Pregnancy Posture
From the Expert

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase wherein the level of hormones in your body is raging, so don’t be surprised if you are a blaze of emotions. It’s no wonder if you are blissful one minute and get totally freaked out the very next moment. Over the upcoming nine months, you are likely to undergo tons of fluctuations both somatic and emotional.

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Flatulence In Kids: How To Get Rid Of It
Appendicitis pain
From the Expert

Young babies and toddlers may experience gas problems in just a similar way that adults do. Passing gas for about fourteen to twenty times in a day is considered to be quite normal for both adults and kids.

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Strengthen Your Hip With These Exercises
hip exercise
From the Expert

Unlike our other body organs, our hips are those parts of the body to which we hardly ever pay any attention unless and until they are bothering us. While we are following a fitness regime, firming our hip muscles is perhaps not high on our plan and agenda.

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10 Running Problems That Will Stop You On Your Track

In a perfect runner’s domain, every single step of each mile would be a hundred percent discomfort-free. No pain, no twinges, no aches, no persistent soreness from yesterday’s training.

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Why Music For Dementia Is A Focus For 2020
dementia music therapy

Music for dementia is a breakthrough treatment that has already helped many people coping with dementia. So, with such positive results, we can expect to see music used a lot more in this treatment during 2020.

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What It’s Like to Live With: Bipolar Disorder

Anyone dealing with mental illness especially when their family members or friends don’t understand is a struggle to continue to live with and accept what is.

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Curing Dark Circles is Absurd; Here’s Why
dark circles

According to a recent Fitbit study, Indians are the second-most sleep-deprived people on the planet and get the lowest amount of REM sleep — 77 minutes — on an average per night.

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