4 Must-Know Symptoms Of Bacterial Vaginosis
bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis (BV), otherwise known as Gardnerella or vaginal bacteriosis, is a condition that affects the female sexual organs.

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Keeping Menstrual Gingivitis At Bay!
menstrual gingivitis
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It is a known fact that menstruation tags along with it a multitude of snags like bad period discomfort and pain, the terrible feeling of nausea, heavy bleeding, stomach bloating, food cravings and aversions and what not. It is not uncommon for you to blame your monthly periods for your swollen belly, the crazy brownie

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Accepting Your New Life: 5 Coping Strategies for Living with a Disability
accessible wheelchair

Unexpected disability can really take a toll on a person’s body but with a tool or gadget to help you through the day, you will cope with your disability.

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Tips To Dodge Cavities This Festive Season
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Most of the season’s favourite traditions revolve around delicious sugary treats. Hence, during festivities and celebrations, it is next to impossible to evade temptations seeing so many sweets around especially when you have a sweet tooth. The

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3 Benefits of Using a Cooling Comforter
cooling comforter

A good comforter could help you put in a good mood.Here are just 3 of the biggest benefits of using a cooling comforter that you should consider.

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Is Your Little Lady Blooming Too Early? Early Puberty In Girls!
early puberty
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In the past years, sexual maturity was considered precocious in girls who were younger than 8 years; however, recent researches and studies conducted indicate that signs of initial puberty like the development of breasts and pubic hair are often prevalent in girls aged between six to eight years.

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Keeping It Below the Threshold: How Many Decibels Has the Potential to Damage Your Hearing?
hearing aid

Loud noises can cause dangers to one’s hearing.Having a knowledge of what kinds of noises cause hearing loss will help preserve your quality of hearing.

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7 Powerful Ways to Help Your Smile (and Confidence) Shine
Dental Care

Our outer appearance plays a significant role in whether or not we feel confident overall.The quality of our teeth also can impact the way we feel.

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Nabhi Sutra: Unraveling Hidden Remedial Technique of Ayurveda
Nabhi Sutra

Remember when your Dadi used to treat your stomach aches by applying asofidita (hing) to your belly button? It worked, right!? That was not a fluke there is a age-old science to it. This is exactly what Nabhi Surta is all about. Nabhi Sutra revives this hidden ayurvedic concept of healing through Nabhi (Navel). It

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Effectively Dealing With Dental Phobia
Dental Phobia
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Does the sound of the driller, send a jolt of nervousness all through your body? This is a common fear that comes with the thought of visiting a dentist, that is experienced by most of the people. Many people associate dental treatment with unbearable pain and uneasiness and hence fear to visit a dentist during regular intervals.

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The Pros and Cons of Sleeping After Eating
sleeping after eating

People who advocate against sleeping after eating suggest that a midnight munch could increase your chances of gaining weight and reduce your ability to achieve a deeper quality of sleep.

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Plaque Control For Elderly With Physical Limitations
Plaque in old age
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Oral health is not distinct from your general wellbeing and can have a direct link to your overall health. Which is why it’s so essential to develop and uphold oral care habit during any age.

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Are You Sure You Know What Causes Breast Cancer?
prevent Breast Cancer
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Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in Indian women and accounts for 27% of all cancers in women. About 1 in 28 women are likely to develop breast cancer during their lifetime. In the urban areas the incidence is 1 in 22 as compared to the rural areas where 1 in 60 women develop breast cancer.

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Should I Transfer One Or Two Embryos? 5 IVF Tips
Should I transfer one or two embryos

Many a time, couples who are infertile opt for the IVF methods where they want to transfer more than one embryo to increase the chances of fertility or with the hope of having twins.

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Benefits of TrueBasics Ultra Omega 3 – Now Live Fit & Healthy
Omega 3

There’s no secret in the fact that people have stopped caring about their health in today’s day and age and have most of their focus on their careers. That’s one of the main reasons why the health of every person is seeing a declining day by day. But with Truebasics Ultra Omega-3, you can expect better health for yourself.

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Regulate Stress Levels by Knowing Best Vitamins for Men
male vitamin pill

As physicians we are often asked what are the best vitamins for men to take both in general and to regulate stress levels. As with many things the answer is not cut and dry. However, we are here to help!

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Easy To Cook Recipes For Weight Watchers

Everything was going well, and I was ordering those tasty burgers and cheesy pizzas, and devouring them without any second thought. Suddenly one day, my dad passed a sarcasm, and my world changed upside down.

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Which Type of Mattress is Suitable During Pregnancy?
Young pregnant woman sleeping on maternity pillow in bed

During pregnancy women, body undergoes a lot of changes which may create chaos in their body and can have a direct impact on their sleep. Pregnancy is the happiest and blissful moment for a woman, but it brings a lot of challenges both emotional and physical.

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