Attitude of Abundance for Taurus Spring
Taurus Horoscope

If you are a Taurus, here’s what you need to know about this spring’s horoscope for Taurus.

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Heal Yourself with the Help of a Flower Essence Practitioner
Flower Essence Therapy

The earliest known medicines were derived from plants and flowers. Flower and plant extracts have been used for over 1000 years to heal people physically and mentally. With time, people accepted chemical compounds as mainstream medicines and moved plants and flowers to alternative medicine groups.

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A Guide To Maintaining A Good Work-Life Balance
Work Life Balance
From the Expert

In today’s fast paced and competitive world, most of us are hustling through a hectic day that sees us juggle between demands at home and pressures at work. When one is dealing with so much in ones daily life, setting a structure to ease through it holds the key to effective multitasking.

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Understanding the Yogic Way Of Fasting!
Yogic Fasting
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Fasting has been an age old ancient practice. In all cultures of the world, fasting has been given great importance as well. Let me tell you here, I am not talking about religious fasting.

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Why Women Should Play Golf?
Meghna Bal

Top Business School Accolades? Excellent work ethic? Successful demonstration of leadership skills at the expense of making many boardroom enemies? All these are regular remarks on most women executives’ record. But we still struggle to be accepted into the ‘inner circle’ of the business. In spite of all the hard work, business decisions are often made during one of those informal all-male meet-ups at the golf course. While it’s enough to drive you crazy with frustration, we ask you, why not take the easy route? Golf is a fun and engaging game where women can shoot through the glass ceiling of business and the pesky fairways. It might be time for women to reconsider that golf membership and get out in the sun.

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10 Amazing Facts You Might Not Be Aware About God Krishna!

Krishna Janmashtami is the day when one the very favorite God of Hinduism was born, the great day when KRISHNA was born. We all are aware about his ‘Raasleela’, ‘Makhan Chori’, his role in the holy book of ‘Geeta’ and all his divine leela but there might be some facts which probable our Television Serials haven’t enlightened us with. Here are few facts about Nandlala Kanhaiya that you probably would know for the first time.

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A Daily Dose Of Healthy And Long Life: 20 Minutes Of Yoga!
Yoga - Cover

Life has made us too work oriented and less loving towards us. In order to keep up with the good health and to inspire the whole world to it, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi convinced the world leaders to declare a special day for Yoga, the traditional way of being healthy. While goals chasing people are too much occupied with their routine chores and office hours, we have some Yoga moves for them that they can do it anywhere, at office? Yes you can (Cut a bit from your break or quick time after office), it’s just 20 minutes! While Traveling? Why not, let’s inspire others!

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iHour – A Woman’s Sacred Hour!
From the Expert

Life of a woman is all about her family! She lives not for herself but for her loved ones, forgetting herself in the process. But as time passes, she losses her identity and what she misses most is her ME time! The time where she can be herself, do whatever she likes and revive herself. But, taking out time from her responsibilities is not easy thing. Instead, she can take out an iHour, an hour for herself alone.

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A Face Is A Book, Give It A Look!
face reading
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Expressions are a mirror of your feelings and they are universal. The only difference is that some people have a clear mirror whereas others have a blurry mirror. You need not be trained to gauge that. Some observation & empathy is enough to get to know in what mood someone is or what he/she is feeling, but only when they have a clear expression on their face.

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Happiness vs Responsibilities
balanced life
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We humans try to find balance in everything. A balanced diet, a balanced mind, work-life balance and balance in many other aspects. Do you wonder sometimes if your life is balanced?

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Why Meditate – Answers To Relieve Your Soul
woman meditating
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Meditation is the key to a happy, peaceful, contended & fuller life. It is the key that opens some of the most beautiful doors of universe, giving us an insight of the unimaginable.

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Yoga Benefits – Physical and Mental Advantages
yoga benefits

Yoga for Health..Yoga for Mind..and Yoga for Life! Here are some of the proved benefits & advantages of Yoga. Know & inculcate them into your life for a healthier you.

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Heal your mind and health with Himani – Reiki expert
From the Expert

Hello all super ladies!! I am Himani, a certified Reiki expert and I intend to share my thoughts and experiences about Reiki with you at Womenplanet. But, before I start discussing about my experience, let me just describe what reiki is. Reiki An energy Healing Technique, reiki is one of the most widely used non-allopathic

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