Pregnancy – A Dangerous Journey
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Did you know that women can die during one of the most joyous events in of their lives?Losing a young fit healthy wife, mother, daughter, sister during pregnancy and childbirth can be devastating.

MBBS, MRCOG (London), FRCOG (London) FACOG (USA) Director – Fortis La Femme Hospital, Bangalore Chairperson - Medical Council Committee - Fortis La Femme Senior Consultant and HOD - Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Vedic Aura – Made With the Goodness of Nature and the Love of a Mother
Jaya Bellara 2

Jaya Bellara slowly turned her hobby and love for natural remedies into an Ayurvedic Product Brand, and named it Vedic Aura. The process of learning, studying and developing better and more products never stopped and will never stop for her!

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Honouring Womenhood – 10 Famous Brands Change their Brand Logos in Respect of Women!
Pringles Girl

A creative designing firm named Creative Equals dedicated their new work to the Women of the world! They replaced all famous male oriented brand logos into their Female Versions, and the work is worth an applause.

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I Never Believed In Friendship, But A Tragedy Changed My Life!

Police was already on the station and things got taken care. I was still not stable, the girl who saved me was no one but a colleague from my office. I recalled she was the one who shared smile every time I made an eye contact with her, but I walked away showing zero gestures. As she kept her hand on my shoulder, “Are you okay?” I hugged her tightly and cried like a horror struck baby. She hugged me back and consoled me, asked me to be calm as everything was in control. After two days I reached office at time and there she was with a morning smile, I smiled back! I felt good, refreshing and my day went well than it did earlier.

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Women, The First Change Makers For An Eco-Friendly Environment!
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Environment, the place we live in, is itself becoming a depleting resource any living being has on this planet. Growing population, super technology and animal species extinctions are landing us in a dangerous or I should lethal problem! What are we doing? Governments, Organisations, schools etc are taking tiny steps to educate, prevent and to use biodegradable routine things in order to sustain the mega global warming monster, but are these enough opposite the giant pollution that we humans have created?

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Plan Your New Year In An Artistic Way!

Enough of those New Year Resolutions that don’t last even a week! This year, take a resolution to make your New Year an interesting one by planning it around art, literature and music festivals across India. Traveling, meeting new people, indulging in art & literature, experiencing new music & cultures and enjoying new cuisines, and lots of new FB profile pics – are the perfect ingredients for a perfect new year! Here are the amazing events for the first quarter of the New Year. So get your year planners out and read on!

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Those Smiles Of Underprivileged Children At Women Planet Foundation’s Event!

Women Planet Foundation is a hub dedicated to women of every age. For any of your womanly issues, queries or those intimate moments, this online motive of Women Planet has made us fall in love again and again. This time with its Entertainment event for underprivileged children, it has gained a huge respect.

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Ganesh Chaturthi – Are We Celebrating It Rightly?

Ganpati Bappa Morya…Morya Re Bappa Morya Re.., Is what you hear people recite while welcoming Ganeshji for the 10 day long Ganeshotsav that is vastly celebrated in many Indian states. People warm heartedly establish Lord Ganesh Idols in Pandals and in their homes with music, dance, throwing gulaal in air showering their happiness on spectacular large to small idols. People are delighted and the onlookers are too… so, what’s the problem?

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Gifting Parenthood – Dr. Nayana Patel, A Blessing For Couples!
parents day

Parents are the reason we are able to enjoy this beautiful world. To be their kids under the shadow of selfless care is the greatest emotion surviving. Parents often tell us, “You will understand the anxiety, love and selflessness only when you have your own children”. Well, that holds true as I have seen cool

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Women Can’t Drive – Cliche Disapproved By Speed Sisters
Speed sisters - 1

Breaking the stereotypes, these women racers are giving a befitting reply to the male dominated country and conservative society. This world’s first female racers are a brand now in occupied Palestine. Meet Maysoon Jayyusi, Mona Ali, Marah Zahalka, Noor Daoud, and Betty Saadeh who are also a subject of a documentary by Amber Fares titled Speed Sisters. At an international documentary festival in Sheffield, this documentary was played full house.

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My Papa – My Super Hero!!
fathers day

We all love our dads, papa or popsy… whatever name you call them with. But, above all they are our dearest friend, philosopher and guide who have a solution to all our problems. Whether it is about solving our school’s mathematical homework, doing projects, sneaking pocket money, feeling safe when you are suddenly hurled by unknown people around or approving your boyfriend for marriage or just a shoulder to cry out and give up your sorrows. He is there for you with a smiling face always.

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Swabhiman 2014 – Enjoying International Women’s Day in a Special Way

WomenPlanet is proud to be a part of Swabhiman 2014. Come join us in this 3 day fest and enjoy womenhood in a special way.

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Musical Day at Jhankar ’14

It was a day of music and dance at Jhankar ’14. The events held were Antakshri, Indian classical dance competition, folk dance and Gujarati Dayro.

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Creative Start of the Youth Festival
Jhankar 14

The Youth Festival Jhankar ’14 organized by the students of MSU started on Saturday.

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Quick And Interesting Steps To Plan a Kitty Party
kitty parties

Find some help to plan a kitty party and add a special charm to your kitty party and make it memorable, exciting and full of energy.

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Fighting for Rights on the Human Rights Day

Celebrated all across the world on the 10th of December, Human Rights Day is considered as one of the most important days celebrated by organizations in the world. The day has been celebrated every year all across the world ever since its creation in 1950 by the UN General Assembly. But, the question we ask

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Volunteer Today – Celebrate International Volunteer Day
International Volunteer Day

International Volunteer Day is a global celebration of volunteers. This day is celebrated each year on 5 December and was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1985.

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Celebrating Children’s Day In a Unique Way

Celebrate this Children’s Day in a unique way with not just your baby, but with many not so lucky kids.

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