8 Indian Laws Against Sexual Harassment You Must Know!

Indian Constitution is a huge thing to read, and difficult to even remember. But it is made for us, for our safety and rights to know what rights we possess, and hence we should know at least few of them, shouldn’t we? In the wake of increasing murders, sexual harassment one needs to know very few acts and laws made for the welfare of its citizens and to give criminals the best possible punishment. Here are 8 laws which everyone irrespective of them being a man or a woman should know!!

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8 Smart Safety Tips To Help You Escape The Danger!

Anything learnt is never a waste. What life has enclosed for you the next moment is unpredictable and hence one need to be prepared for those sudden developments. If some day you are struck in a situation where you have nothing but just a brain and a little smartness to save yourself, these handy safety tips would assist you; probably that can save not just you but many innocent lives.

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Taharrush Jama’i’ – The Public Gangrape Game!
Taharrush Jamai - 2

‘TAHARRUSH JAMA‘I’ – An Arabic term which translates to ‘Collective Sexual Harassment’.

A sexual attack on women, not in bushes or lonely streets but assault by a group of men in public places where hundred other men can watch the heinous crime happen to the victim. This barbaric act is performed as a game in Egypt since a decade and now has made its way to Europe through the refugees that flooded the country due to political revolution. The first recorded act was in Cairo during Egyptian constitutional referendum on 25 May 2005.

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Beware, How Often Do you Use A Public Toilet?
public toilet

Leaving house every morning fills me up with an enthusiasm to learn something new today but there’s one thing that bothers me every time I leave my house – How will I manage those dirty public toilets? In India, it is nothing new to find a western toilet seat down with a footprint on, you will also easily find thick yellow dry stains of urine on the seat where you are suppose to sit and pee. Period story is another gross thing to discuss but what is the solution? Do we have to wait until we return home or don’t leave home at all? No, there has to be a solution!

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Dangerous Hair Accessories – Your Life At risk!
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One fine winter afternoon I was walking by the side of the road to catch an auto and suddenly a young lady came and hit me from the front. The wheel hit my right leg and I lost my balance. I felt straight backward injuring my head. And the only reason for my severe injury was my hair accessory (Jaw Clip). I had wrapped my hair with a jaw clip. Since my jaw clip was brittle and made out of plastic, it broke into pieces and a small piece of the same jaw clip broke into my head. This accident left me unconscious for more than 5 minutes. I started suffering from Blurred Vision and Dizziness. In any case, if I hadn’t put on the hair accessories I would have saved my head and the accident would not had been a severe one. You all call it butterfly clips right…. But it became an alligator in disguise for me.

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The Safest And Most Dangerous Cities Of India For Women!!
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Solo women in foreign lands are asked to visit India only on their own risks. Forget foreign women, Indian women and girls think twice before they land in certain cities of India. Neither they forgot the Delhi Gang Rape of 2012, several horrifying acid attacks nor the verbal sexual assaults they often face. This has given us a reason to compare Indian cities on the basis of their crime and safety rates. Be it your job posting, your marriage or a family re-shifting, one must note the figures below at least once.

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How To Escape from Dangers – Safety Tips From a Cop!

It was time to return home from work. Lost in her thoughts, she fiddled with her mobile, reading the messages when They came on a bike and snatched her purse. There was no way she could react within that small fraction of time.

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Emergency Plan For Earthquake Safety

When it comes to the natural calamity, all is uncertain. The occurrence of the natural calamity is not at all frequent but it has much severe effects. The effects of the earthquake is very severe on the other hand it so happens that people are mostly unprepared to face such situations. This scenario is certainly horrifying and deadly.

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Safety Tips for a Happy Navratri
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Celebrated for 9 beautiful nights, Navratri is a festival everyone looks ahead to. With girls and boys all decked up to enjoy garba until early mornings, and parents watching their kids dance to the tunes of the melodious songs, it is also the time when you need to be extremely cautious about your safety. These are the nights without any limitations, nights with the freedom to enjoy garba, music and food and also time for goons to break into your homes, steal your vehicles and sometimes, even harass girls.

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Preparing Your First Aid Home Kit
first aid kit

A first aid home kit is nothing less than a life saving emergency kit. Take control with a strong head and try saving a life with a first aid kit.

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How to Keep Your Kids Safe at Home
safety 2

Kids are quite vulnerable to injurious elements. Following certain steps will ensure that kids are safe inside the house.

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