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Are You Having a Hard Time Understanding Man? – By Doreen Cohanim

You see, for some reason most of us women have a hard time understanding men. In my practice, I have been working with many attractive women, who come to me frustrated, feeling angry, used, and hurt, for not being able to attract the right man, or have a man, instead feeling empty and lonely. And if you were me, you would look at them, and seriously think why is she complaining? How could she have such a hard time attracting Mr. Right? From just looking at them, they appear to be educated, funny, fit, attractive, and feminine. However what these women have in common is missing the aliment of “understanding their own needs”, as well as trying to understand how men think.

Let’s face it, we don’t live the same life style as our parents did, in today’s society woman almost are as equal as most man are, some of us are so independent that we either intimidate man or attract them. That’s right; this is exactly what I said. Back then man acted like man were programed to act, they were the hunters, never or barley ever showed their emotions and they were the providers, no other way around, but even then some cases where just exceptional.

So what is the problem in today’s society? The problem is lack of confidence, abandonment issues, emotional drama queen, thinking man do like it, or too needy, which creates confusion between man and woman, especially when the woman tries to behave like man do, by becoming the hunter and in many cases also the provider. As a result, man loses their patience, have no respect and pretty much act like jerks. And the problem is; woman spend money buying books about how to date and attract Mr. Right, or how to make the man they are with to become their dream man. The answer is you cannot capture a guy’s heart without working on your own issues. The best think every woman can do for herself is to stop paying their hard earned money understanding man, based on one person’s true experience. Instead do spend the money of one or few coaching or hypnotherapy sessions to work on the root cause if their personal issues. This is the far most effective way to understand how man thinks, by working on your own communication skills, while letting

You see if more women acted like they should have, and let the guys do the hunting, more guys would invest in women, because women will no longer make it easy for them to get what they want without investing in getting the know the real person they are.

I posted a questionnaire asking man to help me understand them, and I am going to share these questions with the most common answers, and you decide for yourself.

1. Are men and women really from the same planet?

Since this is the only planet, we know of, that sustains life, we are all from the same planet. Everyone is different and has different likes, dislikes, and opinions.

2. Why do guys pay for an online dating, if they are only after sex?

I don’t think the fact that someone pays for a dating site is going to change someone. This is probably the way they are at all times. It’s difficult to approach someone in a store, a bar, or randomly on the street. The dating site makes it easier to approach someone.

3. Why guys act like they are interested, but as soon as sex is not happening right away, they never call back again, but they still say they are interested?

Again, there are some guys who are just looking for sex. It’s easier to string someone along rather than tell the truth and hurt sometimes feelings.

understaning man4. Is it wrong for a woman to be honest and say what is she attracted to, such as race, age, religion, heights, weight, looks? (I mean why it is racist, if they are attracted to white/yellow, athletic, overweight, young, and old, etc., for a relationship?)

I don’t see anything wrong with seeking a certain person, or type that you’re attracted to. When you settle for something less than your desires you have already compromised the relationship. 

5. Why do guys get angry when women post an ad writing she is looking for a well-educated guy?

I don’t see anything wrong with seeking a certain person, or type that you’re attracted to. When you settle for something less than your desires you have already compromised the relationship. 

6. Are men more visually-driven then women?

I believe men are more visually driven than women. 

7. Does physical appearance is really important?

I have found some women to be attractive to me that maybe weren’t physically attractive.

8. What qualities do you look in a woman?

I look for someone who is educated, honest, caring, giving, and sincere, because this how I try to live my life. Always try to do your best, and treat people kindly.

9. How come men don’t always identify emotions as quickly as women can?

I don’t think it’s a matter of identifying emotions as quickly. I think men hide them better, and feel it’s not manly to show emotion.

10. Why do people post on Dating sites or other personal ads, isn’t it scary or dangerous?

There is no doubt it can be very dangerous but, if you meet someone, make sure it’s in a public place, day time, don’t let them know where you live right away, let them leave first, so they can’t follow you, and don’t give out personal information soon. 

11. Why do most men want to sleep with all women?

For bragging rights, if you know someone who does this, it would be a good idea to stay away from them. 

12. Why do men flag other people’s ad, or insult the woman when there are prostitution, and nudity all over the internet? 

I believe people do this out of jealousy. If they get rejected, they get mad and try to delete the ad or make the woman feel bad.

Dan Dan

Your post intrigued me. Yes most guys just want to get their nuts off with some “Hot Chick” at the bar and then they go home alone. But some of us just like to hold and crosses a woman. Touching and feeling a woman’s body is unbelievable for a real man, requirements on their size or appearance is not necessary, a real woman will and feels good and smells great. Hope that answered some of you questions…

I have more and many more answers to the same questions that are different from one another, meaning the only way you can understand man, is the one you are attracting.

Conclusion: You cannot have a healthy relationship with anyone else, unless you have a healthy relationship with yourself. Remember this; you cannot give what you don’t have. For example: If you have an addictive behavior, or living a lie, and feel you are not worthy, and constantly comparing yourself to others, you are simply emotionally exhausting yourself, and as a result live a painful relationship. Which many people use substance to hide or to numb the pain, by denying the bigger picture of unhealthy relationship? Stop hiding, and remember you can start by baby step, and when you do that, you actually either start attracting the right guy or your partner start changing with you without you nagging and demanding him to change.

Please share your thoughts, your experience and feel free to ask questions…

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