A Mothers Role In Her Child’s Education
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Valued Educators Mothers play the most fundamental role of an educator in a child’s early life. They continue to be the heart of the child’s education right from their childhood to their growing up years. Mothers Impart and Determine Valued Life Tools for their Children Education is all-inclusive of learning how to respond to situations

Dating in Your 30s: What Changes and Why

If you didn’t get married and/or started a family and you are in your 30s now, the society might proclaim you being too old to dive into dating and relationships, which has nothing to do with reality. People all over the world start and end relationships after getting retired and it’s absolutely okay. If you

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Teaching men to respect women – a lesson to be taught at home and schools!!
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The recent developments do make you wonder about the state of affairs in our society and addressing the root problem remains a focal point not only for governments ruling but school administrators and adults nurturing children who will emerge and take their place as citizens of this country. It has to be a collaborative effort

Sanskaar- Have The Values Changed?
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Many will argue that city kids don’t have these values of hard work, commitment, respect etc as they have it easy. My answer to that is always simply – who are the role models, first, let’s discuss those attitudes before branding the children! And second, values are driven by experiences, so are the children exposed to a variety or sheltered? If they are, then once again, who is responsible.

Thank You Supreme Court For Legalizing Extra-Marital Affairs!
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Indian Court and Indian Laws – Does our judicial system impart justice equally to men and women? The answer seems to be in the favour of men, I think! With rape cases being dragged on for years, no proper laws penned down for punishing the molesters or rapists, the Indian Judiciary system has always been in question, especially when it comes to justice for women.

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Dear Future Husband, 12 Things I Want You To Know!
Indian Couple

To have a beautiful wedding one needs to understand each other and make sure that they fulfill the interests mutually; however, how is it possible without even sharing what kind of person you are and what is that makes you happy or unhappy?

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So What If I Had Dated Three Guys Before, I Am Yet To Find My Perfect Match!
Free Woman

You are beautiful being you, you don’t need any explanations to prove yourself to the society but to know it yourself, this is real and is happening, if you are not comfortable, you shouldn’t chose it! Here’s a real life written by me, words are mine but the spirit isn’t, it’s her, Sakhi (Name Changed)!

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Abandonment – Leaving Behind Parents to Live and Die on Their Own!
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My parents mean the world to me, and while I have been married for fifteen years, and have seen my parents transform from spirited adults who were always there for my brother and me, always encouraging us to explore and learn more, even agreeing to send us far away from home to becoming more emotional about us not spending enough time with them as we chase our dreams and make the best of our 40’s.

5 Tips To Fall In Love With Your Husband All Over Again!

Marriage, pregnancy and kids, these experiences are overwhelming and nothing could come in comparison. Life becomes all about caring for each other, responsibilities, work, kids and of course love is still alive between you too but it has gone to the mellow side, which isn’t bad but a little spice is required in a relationship!

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Seeing His Son Smile Was His Biggest Diwali Gift!
Diwali Gift

Do you remember the reason behind all the beautiful memories that you have? Who really were the people who gave you moments worth living for a lifetime? Yes, you got it right, your parents.

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15 Signs About That Prove He Is Your Mr. Right!
Signs Mr. Right

Love is beautiful, benevolent, a blossom and blind! We all have heard many such adjectives to define love, which is complicated in the modern world. As people are getting more practical these days, it is difficult for one to choose the Right partner for life. Yes, you may spend some unforgettable memories with your boyfriend but how can you make sure he is the one? How will you realize that he deserves to be the only man in your life?

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Choose the Best Companion: Platinum vs Gold!
64042902 - two wedding rings with diamond on platinum rings

Jewelry is special. One buys it with a lot of joy and excitement. Whether to buy Platinum or Gold jewelry always remains a confusion. We help you decide what is best suited for you by identifying the most important differences!

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Time To Laugh Out Harder: Mom and Dad’s Parenting Differences!

While it comes to raising babies Dads & Moms are poles apart! We always knew Men are like mars and Women are like Venus, but somewhere deep down inside we women always believed that the things will change once we have a baby and our man becomes that adorable father figure that we have grown up looking up to! Well Well, Reality Check! Things don’t work that way! Looking at our husbands, If we are wondering how our ideal Dads got so much adulation from us despite all the differences of opinions, we should ask our Moms about it, they can tell better! But on that later, Today I am about to tell you 10 Hilarious ways how Dads raise kids differently than Mommies.

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Sorry Maa: It’s Never Too Late To Spend Some Time With Your Mother!

In the world where everyone wants to enjoy a bit of everything and desire to be successful in a limited period of time, we forget to give some time to your parents. We tend to hurt them for no reason, they become the thrash where we accumulate our frustration and those tried failures. Reason? Your mother asked you to stay back at home and sit with her! Because she thought your phone should be charged fully and while doing that she mistakenly paused a download!!

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Taken To The Cleaners – How To Avoid Financial Ruin When Relationships End

We all know someone who has ended up back at financial square one after a messy and bitter divorce. The end of a relationship, be it a marriage, long-term domestic partnership or same-sex partnership can leave once loving couples in emotional, psychological and economic tatters. Between the division of assets, legal costs and court fees,

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Be A Child With Your Children And Experience A Fun Parenting!
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When you watch a pampers advertisement or a baby Johnson commercial, those chubby cheeks, giggly faces and angelic looks make you feel like there is no other bliss beyond being a parent. Yes, parents’ days can be filled with joy and rapture but research shows that a lot of parents feel overwhelmed, frustrated, helpless and angry when parenting becomes nothing but a mere scheduled job. If you are one of those parents who is feeling melancholic, there is some good news for you: You are not alone and you can change the way you feel, to make those dreadful moments more fulfilling and fun.

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Dear Mom, Why Did You Stop Loving Me? – A Married Son!
Mother and Son

Enough about the sacrificing daughters and daughter-in-laws, why not the unsung heroes of family, the Sons? Yes, that very “mere chaand ka tukda” “apple of my eye” “maa ka ladla” son, who is spoilt silly by most mothers in the Indian continent (not that we daughters are not spoilt silly by our fathers, but very few understand that after marriage!) We have already heard stories and read letters from the Daughter-in-laws about how things have changed for them after marriage, what about the sons? Life isn’t easy for them either and to make things worse, they don’t even have a mom’s shoulder to cry on like we do. This letter is an ode to them!

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I Never Believed In Friendship, But A Tragedy Changed My Life!
Friendship Day 2016

Police was already on the station and things got taken care. I was still not stable, the girl who saved me was no one but a colleague from my office. I recalled she was the one who shared smile every time I made an eye contact with her, but I walked away showing zero gestures. As she kept her hand on my shoulder, “Are you okay?” I hugged her tightly and cried like a horror struck baby. She hugged me back and consoled me, asked me to be calm as everything was in control. After two days I reached office at time and there she was with a morning smile, I smiled back! I felt good, refreshing and my day went well than it did earlier.

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