Why You Could Give a Milestone Card as a Present
Milestone Gifts

If you are looking for a fantastic gift to give someone, your search ends here.

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Speed Up Your Divorce Case: 5 Sure-Fire Ways

Some tips for you to consider to make your divorce a quick and painless process.

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Baby Boy Clothes Suitable for Spring
Dad playing with Baby

Spring outfits for boys differ from the usual clothes since they mark the end of winter. It is every parent’s wish that their baby boy enjoys and feels comfortable in their outfits. There are a variety of fashionable and versatile spring baby boy clothes available for parents to buy. Ensure that your little boy feels

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Tips for Strengthening your New Relationship
new relationship

Love doesn’t happen by chance. It deserves special attention and nurturing.

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Leading Your Team To Survival – Changing Role Of Parents
Portrait of Happy Family In Park
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If the commitment Pre Covid19 was a 100 percent, Covid19 Times and beyond (whenever we can ever get back to the ways it used to be), have ensured that parents have become the frontline warriors in their homes. The homes, no longer represent the family environment that once as – they are now environments that transform into work spaces, schools and recreation centers (‘restaurants’ look-alike) not to mention fitness and counselling stations.

How your Chronic Illness Can Affect your Marriage
Chronic Illness

Dealing with a chronic illness can, unfortunately, negatively affect even the strongest of relationships.

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Not So Good Things That Your Child May Have Imbibed Just From You
Parental Pressure
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As parents, we become immediate role models for the little ones we nurture as soon as they come into our family. Unfortunately, we are not powered with degrees in hand to raise these little ones and using a combination of information – from experiences of the elders, our peer group and what’s available by way of information today on social media, we manage to fulfill our duties and responsibilities.

15 Ideas To Keep Your Kids Happily Home During Quarantine
Activities For Children During Corona Crisis

While you have suggested these creative and amazing activities to keep your children entertained at home, its always a great idea to be involved with them. Take turns if needed as it would just enhance the fun with lots of learning. Be home and be safe.

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What is Edutainment?
Digital Learning
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The nature of entertainment has changed drastically and dramatically in the past two decades given the exponential technological growth. Thirty years ago, we spoke about the internet as “worldwideweb” without any access to it (we did not have one computer per child, simply used the blackboard learning to answer exam questions about ROM and RAM).

Appetite Slump In Toddlers
eating food
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As a mother, you are constantly worried about your child’s health and well-being. One of the most common anxieties that parents face is when your toddler seems to turn away pretty much everything that you serve on the plate for him.

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How to Distract Yourself When you’re Going through a Bad Breakup?

Needless to say, breakups are hard and they can bring out the worst in people. The saying “You don’t know anyone until you break up with them!”, exists for a good reason. Chances are that on top of your feeling of heartbreak, guilt, and grief you might be trying to find out what is he/she doing, are they plotting revenge against you, or are they as miserable as you are?

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Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing A Preschool For Your Little One
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Choosing the right preschool is very important as the early years create a lasting impact in the child’s life. Preschools are a special place for children, outside of home, that provide them with a foundation for literacy, social interactions and establish their initial relationship with learning.

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Benefits Of Sports Training Outside With Your Kid
outdoor training

Since the umbilical cord was severed, does it mean the connection was totally lost? Well, that was just the beginning of the disconnection you will experience with your kids till they move out of the house and go start their own. But there always remains that invisible union that only a parent can have with a kid – more so if the intimacy is present. It never dies even after death does them part.

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The Significance of Experiential Learning in Early Childhood Education
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Imagine that you wanted to learn how to make creamy mushroom soup. You are more likely to master the soup making if you actually try out the recipe as compared to simply watching someone make it on a cooking show! Research suggests that children too best learn through positive interactions and experiences.

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7 Ways to Surprise Your Man on Valentine’s Day
valentines day

Valentine’s Day is just on the horizon, so it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to surprise your man! Here are 7 great ways to plant a smile on his face for Valentine’s Day. These ideas range from schmaltzy to not-so-much.

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Grades Simply Cannot Define Every Child’s Success
From the Expert

As 22nd-century education discussions progress, there is increasing awareness for students being nurtured to be life-ready and not simply acing the examinations that define their learning story in schools or universities. This is particularly true in the current economic scenario that these students find themselves battling with when graduating from colleges/universities – the markets are competitive, job opportunities limited with increasing automation and businesses that are letting people go simply because they cannot sustain the journey anymore and losses pile up.

How to be More Thoughtful with Your Christmas Shopping This Holiday Season

What’s up geeks and gamers? This Christmas, it’s time to level up your gift-giving action. Christmas is a time for showing the important folks in your life how much they mean to you, and one of the best ways to do that is by coming up with creative gift ideas that will spark joy in them for years to come.

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Know All About Top 8 Hot Toys For Christmas 2019 For Kids
Christmas gifts

Time’s almost up! Christmas is closing in fast and your kids are probably already excited to see what Santa will bring them this year. As Santa’s helpers, parents all over the world are trying to figure out the best gifts for their kids this year.

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