10 Situations Only A Woman Younger Than Her Actual Age Can Understand!

While people think it is a blessing to look young than the age you are into, there are only few times you feel oh yes, I am lucky. In reality whenever you are being seen from the wow eyes you feel frustrated. Well, most of the times as you just cannot take it any further. Why? Ask women with a short height and young look, how many times she has to explain that no she isn’t below 18!! We understand, nothing is better beyond the limit and so is your priceless young look as it comes with terms and conditions!

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12 Smart Indian Jugaad You Cannot Deny Are Creatively Genius!

India is a great country with incredible festivals, rituals and facts you might not believe at all. Many things we Indians need to change in order to get a better life but there are also certain values and achievements, which are widely appreciated. Today, Indians are making their living by varied means stretched across the world. Indians are on dignitary posts at big companies and government institutes, from world renowned scientists to writers and actors, on behalf of their competence.

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10 Funny Things All To-Be Brides Think Before Marriage!
Indian Wedding - To-be bride

Women are the prettiest and funniest when they are counting their days to their most awaited day, wedding! The D-day comes with so many speculations and questions and weird thoughts, of course we have no doubt on that matter, it happens with everyone, it’s natural. If you are someone who is going to get married, be prepared for the storm of questions that you would ask to self or to your bestie/mother/sister and if you are already a married one, read these amazingly cutie putie thoughts that had hit your mind once.

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10 Innocently Silly Behaviors That Define Student-Teacher Life At School!

Teachers Day is the day when we thank our teachers who engraved the basics into our life, who became those steps in the ladder for us to climb high. Though there should be no special reason to thank them for what they have build in us, but to make them feel special, we have this day dedicated to Teachers on 5th of September every year. Though we love our teachers today, there were times when we might have disliked them for some or the other reasons, there might be days when you must have made fun of them, you also might have been part and parcel of those unending class masti. Let’s go back to our classroom masti which probably we all did, read the below points to cherish your teacher-student relation.

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8 Lies Women Say So Confidently, That We Know They Are Lying!
Women Lies

Who is honest in this world? Find me a person who is 100% honest, for one or the other reason be it for good or bad, at some point or another we LIE, there’s no running away from dishonesty! Men lie and women lie, everyone lies! Some statements or just being silent can come as a blast, but again that depends, good, bad.. Bla bla bla.. Well, here we have compiled lies that we say so confidently, that we know they are literally a big shit lie! Yes, the confident women liars, but still we manage to be innocent!

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Funny And Amazing Sex Facts You Probably Didn’t Know!
Funny Sex facts by Women Planet

Sex! Everyone talks about it and loves it practically, no matter how much they hide or are blunt at. Out of million ways to talk/ share/ read/ write about this subject, one is still unknown to the basic facts related to sex! Once, at least once, everyone should know these facts related to sex as who wouldn’t love to increase their knowledge?

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Don’t Shave Your Bikini Hair- Why??
pubic hair

Ouchhh!!! Getting a bikini wax is no less than a 3rd degree torture! Women who go through this pain will surely agree with me on this. Some, who are less a braveheart, choose to shave the hair off with a simple razor or a trimmer! Good enough! But, while we clean our pubic hair every

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Do You Know There Are 5000 Terms To Refer Your Period?

You, me, him, her and they. We all know half of the world menstruates, and is the reason that we all exists. But the fact that the world isn’t ready yet to embrace periods still seems a bit weird. From a research combinely undertaken by Clue, a woman’s app International Women’s Health Coalition, the astonishing numbers are out.

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Aditi Mittal Owned Every Bit Of Sanitary Napkin Commercials In A ROFL Andaaz, A Must Watch!
Aditi Mittal - Sanitary Napkins

As the popular sanitary napkin brands come up with their unique way to lure the consumers, it also binds the society with certain myths that shouldn’t be followed. To take a dig into them and to tickle the funny bone of her audience, Aditi Mittal is back again with her standup comedy on ‘Sanitary Napkins’. You will be going all ROFL with this amazingly funny take on pads, designs and the system!

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No Bathroom For Three Days – A Wedding Ritual Followed In Borneo!
Weird Ritual - Cover

Marriage is definitely a happy ritual for us which comes after plethora of hectic traditional rituals but not the same for some tribal people in Borneo. Neither the bride nor the groom are allowed to visit a bathroom for three days after the marriage ceremony is accomplished.

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Prem Pujaris – Sweet Love Sins Of High School!
School Masti  - COVER

We all have passed through this phase, a beautiful phase of our childhood enclosed in our high schools. Who would forget school days, the golden period of our life and of course all the nautankis that we did. Although, now they have turned into memories that can never wither. The First Love or should I call Infatuation, Sending letters and roses, smiling and dreaming about her / him, trying every way possible just to speak to your crush, etc. I am sure everyone out there, at least once in their lifetime has done something to remember for life, haven’t you?

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We, The Women Are Stronger – The Sweet Scuffles Of Sexes!
Battle of sexes - Cover

It’s natural, no one knows the exact reason why one loves to show how stronger and capable he/she is! And yes, let me remind you it’s not just a human tendency but even animals do certain things to declare their superiority. I am sure you have seen Discovery Channel! Well, let’s talk us, how many times we have found women trying to be better than men and vise versa? Many a times, and believe me some of their moves to be the number one are so sweet to be ignored.

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8 Vaginal Facts No One Told You About!
cover vagina 2

Vaginal Facts! For a woman, a major part of her life revolves around her Vagina! Periods – Sex -Babies – Menopause – and finally also her health! But, no matter how much you seem to know about your Vagina, there are always certain surprising facts that seem to shock you when you read about them! So, if you thought you knew all about your lower and most important body part, read these mindboggling facts about your Vagina! Trust me, you will be really surprised!

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Stop Judging Us Based On These Stereotypical Thoughts!
cover women

Gender discriminations are so deep rooted in India that it will take a century or more to rope the seeds of equality in minds of those millions, who have ironies related to women deeply furnished! Not to forget millions stereotyping women for certain roles, it includes me and you! Yes, we sometimes do it unconsciously! Let’s not forget that, biologically men and women might be wired differently, but otherwise both are the same. Indian women are definitely the victim of stereotyping about everything they do and do not:

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10 Things You Will Understand Only If You Have A Sister!
Two Young Women Talking Outdoor

Sistalove is what I call a relation, so underrated. It is always brother sister, husband-wife and Saas-Bahu, oh common.. there’s so much love, naughtiness, tenderness hidden in a sister to sister relation that I had to write this and eventually it made my eyes water. Oh, I miss her so much. I have written these points that I had loved spending with her. Now that she is married, I will have to send this write up to rejuvenate our old memories. Aren’t you going to do the same?

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Silly Excuses Women Make To Ditch Work!
Cover SE

To all the Bosses – Don’t let the ladies sell their silly ideas to you. BEAWARE!

Working in a corporate place is always fun, but at times too boring as well! To one and all, here are a few really silly EXCUSES that dear Women make to ditch work.

We have a few ladies coming up with their quotes to make the topic more gripping and entertaining. P.S No Offenses. I am sure this would certainly be a treat for you to read. Here you go!

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Why This Kolaveri Di?

Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri…Di?? Ya..right… you are humming the song perfectly and in-tune! But, here we are not gonna discuss about this trend setting song, but instead get to the core meaning of it – “Why do you girl have this rage against me?” Girls are born hot… yes always with a little attitude (good and bad both)! But, when I say hot, I simply meant their Hot Temperament! Scan all your friends.. a aaa Girl friends around you and see how many of them have a good temperament. I bet, you might already have had a memorable experience of a dear friend getting angry on her man for a simple reason! So, here are 8 perfect reasons that make a girl angry!!

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My Endless List Of Wishes For 2016!
New Year Wish - Cover 1

It’s Gone…2015 is gone as fast as it had come, letting go off of all the sorrows and the bad past experiences. With this node, we also welcome 2016 with a new beginning, smiles, happiness and lots of wishes… A Aaa.. When we say wishes, I am sure you have guessed it right. I am writing about the several wishes that women like you and me always wish for, no matter whether it is about going Slim… disappearing your acne…. Making money rain on you… etc. etc. So, here are some of the best wishes made by women which even you will relate to.

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