Shabana Khan: A woman who proves that learning has no age barrier

At the age of thirty, she decided to resume her studies after 12 years and take the tenth board exam.

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The girl who proved what a second chance could do

She got to know about Pratham and their Second Chance program through some friends but her mother was reluctant to let her daughter go to school

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Pushpa Kumari Ninama: An untold story of reinstated faith
Pushpa Kumari

Shattered by first failure she wanted to prove her worth to herself

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Fareen: A girl finding opportunity out of adversities

Surrounded by so many people Fareen still felt lonely and she was struggling to find her identity.

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Laxmi Devi: Determination wins over hardships

Laxmi Devi, a girl living in a small town in Jhadol Tehsil which is three kilometers away from the center of Jhadol villlage was sent to school but never taught about the need for knowledge and its application. She was born in the year 1989 when awareness of the requirement for education was not in

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Geeta Kumari: A girl who stood straight against all adversities

At a very young age, she was married off instead of going to school she was sent to her In-Laws after marriage however at the tender age of eighteen she accepted her destiny and tried to take it positively to turn her world around.

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Zeba Kosar: A girl who is stitching her dream back
Zeba 01

Saluting the perseverance that time could not defeat, twenty-five-year-old Zeba Kosar’s dream to study did not bend its knees not even after a seven years gap. This story is about a girl, living in the small town of Eidgaah in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Growing up in a two-room house with an entire family of nine members

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Aksha Khan, from leaving school to her self-made workstation!

Failure could never overtake if the determination to succeed is strong enough and Aksha Khan’s determination has been more than enough to break all the bounds to achieve her goal. An eighteen-year-old girl with a dream to pursue LLB and fight for the rights; aspire to acknowledge people the rights they have, the rights she

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Unsung Stars – The Beginning by Bhagyashree Saini
unsung stars

Past circumstances mend the person into their present self and so has it to Bhagyashree Saini, an aspiring Civil Servant, and a Women and Child rights activist from Khetri, Jhunjhunun district, Rajasthan. Her rural upbringing in early childhood gave her a closer and intrinsic perspective on nuances related to the discrimination faced by a girl

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Cuomo’s Plans to Legalize Marijuana Revisited

Legalizing Marijuana, may help boost economy stressed by the pandemic.

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“Women need to stop shying away from owning their space”Janavi Iyer
RJ Janavi

I worked even after the shift would get over, so I learnt a lot in the process. I knew how every department worked

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My ex-husband was a good man, so why did I leave him?
divorce infidelity

Was it a good move to end a relationship that caused stress-related long term illness in my body and almost pushed me into depression? Yes, divorce was the right thing to do!

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I was a homemaker and I didn’t know about gyms – Kiran Dembla
kiran dembla

A typical day for Kiran is spending time with her family, heading her photography team, training prospective DJs, providing guidance to online fitness classes, checking social media and the emails she receives followed by a gym session before retiring for the night.

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What It’s Like to Live With: Bipolar Disorder

Anyone dealing with mental illness especially when their family members or friends don’t understand is a struggle to continue to live with and accept what is.

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Profession: Housewife? Nah. We are Homemakers.

Homemaker, at home full-time or working outside, sees caring for their family as their greatest accomplishment and their most important role of life.

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Accuse the Police or the Judicial System?
images (2)

Opinions encounter the internet as soon as the Police does. The judgement of justice can be seen from those opinions by leading celebrities and politicians.

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Grades Simply Cannot Define Every Child’s Success
From the Expert

As 22nd-century education discussions progress, there is increasing awareness for students being nurtured to be life-ready and not simply acing the examinations that define their learning story in schools or universities. This is particularly true in the current economic scenario that these students find themselves battling with when graduating from colleges/universities – the markets are competitive, job opportunities limited with increasing automation and businesses that are letting people go simply because they cannot sustain the journey anymore and losses pile up.

Learning In A Digital Age!!
Digital Learning
From the Expert

The rapid strides in innovation and more personalized, customized learning which helps an individual cope with his learning needs as opposed to a generic learning formula is due to technology and the role it has played over the years. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is therefore such a wonderful enabler to bring in not only cost-effective learning solutions but also efficiency in time management and more importantly the access to information that was previously not possible. Learning therefore in the digital age can be a huge advantage if treated with maturity and the right dosage.