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Shakuntali always gets ready and active to match with their interests levels and to find the best meaningful solutions.

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Lead to Inspire – Make Your Own Destiny!
Naavnidhi K. Wadhwa
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We all have the skills and strength to achieve what we aim. All we need is to focus and remain positive and inspire ourselves to lead. Always remember, every cloud has got a silver lining. It could be as trivial as re-aligning our daily schedule to make room for personal development, or it could be as gigantic as changing our career stream to rightfully focus where your heart lies.

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Emotional Competence : Your Success Mantra
Woman Success Mantra
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Emotional Competence is capability of a person to use emotional skills in job and day to day life, with mastery on these capacities a person can achieve success in his career. What counts most in job performance is “Emotional Competence” and not high I.Q, business school degree or technical experts.

Neural Nit-picking – 5 Ways to Declutter Your Thought Process

Sometimes it just makes you want to crawl into bed and avoid everything, which if you have a comfortable bed like the ones from Koala it is completely understandable. However, avoiding things isn’t the best way to deal with it; it’s good to be able to face things head on, so if you’re stuck with a messy head and no idea how to clean it, here’s a list which has 5 ways that will help you declutter your thought process.

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Top Tips for Improving Your Situational Awareness

Situational awareness is being conscious of your surroundings, in order to be prepared and safe. It is possible to develop a sixth sense of danger, whilst still enjoying yourself and living in the moment. However, there are specific tricks to doing this.

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Anger: An Enemy Or A Friend?
Young woman
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Anger isn’t bad, none of our emotions are good or bad, they just are human. You can’t tell someone not to be sad or angry just as you can’t tell them not to be happy when they are. Emotions drive us to action, as you saw in the analogy of the iceberg, and sometimes, anger is what can motivate us to make a change. Many things can trigger us to feel angry, but the next time you experience the hot blood starting to rise to your cheeks and your hands clench up into a fist and your breathing becomes fast, pause and do a self check if you want to allow a disproportionate and most likely harmful reaction to escape you rather than thoughtfully choosing a response that will help solve the situation rather than make it even more upsetting.

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Learn It Now: 15 Amazing Life skills That Brings You Success And Honor!

Success is an outcome of few habits which needs to be cultivated for years. No one has ever become successful overnight, though for some people, the way to conquer their dreams are much harder than the people who have money and power as a backbone but that doesn’t hinder your caliber if you have decided to be on the list. Isn’t it? Few habits, some life skills and certain level of attitude one has to let go off or cultivate one in order to embrace the triumph. Here are few things that you need to learn, so that your future can learn a stepping stone to their success!

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4 Daily Habits To Improve Your English Communication Skills

It is hard for adults to learn a new language. Studies have shown that, during early childhood, our brains are malleable enough to pick up and remember words and phrases very easily. It is as we age and develop that things get tricky because the constructs of language – particularly tenses – become less like linguistic stepping stones and more like trying to swim across a fast moving waterfall. That is not to say that it’s impossible because people learn how to speak second, third, and even fourth languages all the time. What it does mean is that you have to get clever about it and exercise a little patience. The key to languages is repetition and reinforcement. You need to actively use your new knowledge; whether it is in conversation with native speakers or in the form of speaking tests at home.

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10 Simple Psychological Habits For A Smart And Beautiful Life!
Pyschological habits cover

Often we are worried on certain things we are unknown about. We try all our best to get our mood swing up, or at times we even try to win certain situations with our gestures, long conversations,gits and what not! Less do we think about psychological connections that everything is attached with, the more we struggle to be happy and find the solution for the question. Yes, we can be happy, we can win a situation or we can understand yourself and better others with these simple psychological tricks that you can follow as habit. Note them all!!

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Thank Your Failures, They Are The Ladder To Your Success!
The Success Ladder
From the Expert

When I started growing up, failure was when I saw myself in the mirror and realized that I was not slim and gorgeous like Zeenat Aman or Parveen Babi and hence would not get the attention from the young boy I had a crush on as a teenager, then failure was when my marriage fell apart and I had a young daughter to look after and when I could not afford to pay rent or buy nice things for her, failed relationships, failed business attempts, failed entrepreneur initiatives, articles that were declined by editors, coaching clients who didn’t want to continue their journey with me to receiving collection letters from banks for the bills I could not pay to wondering if I had failed as a parent.

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8 Good Manners You Should Habituate To!
thank you
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Manners are required at the time when no one is watching you. It shows that you are a Lady. It shows that you are civilized. It shows that you are considerate and have respect for others. It shows that you value everything that is around you. Your manners speak volumes about you.

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Dear Ladies, It is All About Your Me Time – Radio City
radio city

From gossiping to enjoying a hearty meal, Kitty Party has become a benchmark to meet women talented in various fields. These parties offer a great way to relieve the stress with fun activities alongside being productive as well.

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In Pursuit Of Imperfect Perfections
imperfect perfection

what exactly is perfection? As per the oxford dictionary perfection means ‘Free from any flaw or defect in condition or quality; faultless’ Now we all know that nothing can be faultless, so this means no matter how much we try everything will be imperfect.

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10 Points that proves you are an Extrovert

Smart, Outspoken, Shy, Introvert, Charming and an Extrovert! Every day around us, we come across women of different natures. Right from your wife to co-worker, every lady has their own ways to represent themselves. Some are easy to talk to, while there are also others who are typically too shy to express their needs to you.

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3 Principles For The Working Women!
woman getting idea

Life of a working woman is perhaps the most complicated story, one can even think off. Right from managing work to attending families; from enjoying happy moments with friends to finding some Self time… it is the most difficult think to do.

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Q: I Am Not Able To Pass Through Interviews – Savita, Tamilnadu
depressed woman
From the Expert

Here is a question from the reader, and instead of replying to her personally I decided to answer it on the blog as many women are shy to ask this. Question: Hi!! I am Savita from Tamilnadu. I am trying to get job in banks. But with the high competition, I was not able to

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Personality Tips: How to Overcome Shyness
shy woman

Shyness affects many people. It can affect our ability to go to a job interview, or speak up in class, and our general everyday interaction with people.

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Making a Lasting Impression on a Job Interview
woman in formals

Know the Do’s and Don’ts of a job interview dress code. Read through some important clothing tips for a lasting impression on your soon to be Bosses!

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