4 Things Everyone Goes Through When Renting Their First Apartment

Being out on your own for the first time can feel like the most daunting thing in the world. Not only are you forced to make all of your own decisions and ensure that all of the necessities are taken care of, it means that you don’t have the safety net of living with family

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Another Family: 6 Tips to find your Perfect Flatmate

Living alone in a flat, PG or apartment in a new city far away from your parents may feel like hell and can be a dreadful experience for you. That boring time when there’s not a single word from the surroundings and the disgusting feel when you are unable to take the opinion of either red

How to uncover your true passion in life & roll with it?
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Do you find that deep down, there is something unsettling about how you are currently leading your life? Whether it is feeling misaligned with the job you currently hold, or feeling lackadaisical about life in general, the key ingredient to the recipe of life that you may be missing is your true passion. You, as

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6 Green Gardening Habits to Please Mother Nature

When you’re lucky enough to live in a country like Australia, where wildlife is very much in abundance, it’s not so difficult to open up your world and let it in. Most homeowners have a garden, even if it’s on the small side, and it represents a great opportunity to get up close and personal

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5 Tips for Creating an Elegant Yet Creative Child’s Room

Sophisticated and elegant bedrooms don’t have to be vanilla. They don’t have to be stuffy, overdone, or expensive. There are many ways to add flair and creativity to sophistication and elegance to your child’s room. Here are 5 tips to help you.

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8 Ways to Cure Gastritis Problem during Festivals!
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Festive season comes with a boon in India where all the festivals bring family & friends together. Dining out, consumption of alcohol and high caloric goodies are some things we can’t ignore throughout the festivity. But make sure that it does not affect your health, especially your stomach!

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Four Fabulous White Dresses to Brighten Up Your New Year’s Eve Party!

The question is, what will you wear? Here are four fabulous white dresses to brighten up your New Year’s Eve celebration. You can also find all of the happy dresses at this lovely online clothing boutique for women.

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Seeing His Son Smile Was His Biggest Diwali Gift!
Diwali Gift

Do you remember the reason behind all the beautiful memories that you have? Who really were the people who gave you moments worth living for a lifetime? Yes, you got it right, your parents.

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5 Lesser Known Indian Festivals

India is a diverse country with a wide variety of culture, religion, languages and people. The number of festivals celebrated are huge in number. We list the 5 lesser known festivals celebrated in different parts of the country.

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The 5 biggest mistakes millennials make when moving out
shifting home

Leaving home is always a big deal. Whether you’re leaving home to move into university lodgings, moving out with flatmates or with a partner, you need to know how to move right to get the best possible outcome for yourself. After all, there’s always a right way and a wrong way to go about things,

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Festival Fitness: Happy Diwali Is A Healthy Diwali!
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While the joy of the upcoming festivities fills you with anticipation and excitement, does your worry of weight gain dull that sparkle in your eye? Worry not, because we’re here to help you sail through the season worry free.
So sit back, relax and read on to know how you can make this Diwali, a healthy one.

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Beauty De-mystified: Tips To Look Gorgeous This Festive Season!
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Diwali is a season of joy, festivities, traditions and crackers. It is also that time of the year when you spend time with your loved ones, indulge in gifting and socializing. While making the most of this festive season, a little care, awareness and alertness can go a long way in helping you look and feel good both on the inside and outside and keep a spring in your step as you spread joy and vitality all around.

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Celebrating Diwali With Food, The Healthy Way!
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Yes, Diwali – the festival of lights, is here!! And so are our favorite mouth-watering, ghee-infused and calorie-loaded sweets, mithai, farsan, snacks and drinks! Amidst all the planned outings, parties and mithai-loaded plates, we usually tend to neglect our health and weight! So, here are some tips top enjoy a guilt-free Diwali.

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Spread The Goodness: 10 Ways To Be A Reason For Someone’s Smile This Diwali!

Diwali is a festival of lights, a divine power to remove the darkness and spread brightness. It is commemorate the return of God Ram to Ayodhya after 14 years of Vanvas, after defeating the evil Ravan. It is about the victory of truth over evil, about spreading happiness in homes and families by sharing sweets, food and clothes. Every Diwali we comes across things like how to create homemade lamps, various designs of Rangoli, Recipes for Diwali cuisines and what not? But this Diwali let’s do something different!

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Diwali Styling Tips : Opt The Right Outfit, Makeup This Festival!
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This is my favorite time of the year.. a slight nip in the air, fireworks and Diwali shopping. So the festival of lights is here and I know you girls are planning on how to doll up this Diwali. Some of you might also be planning an outfit and look to adorn at your office Diwali party. So here are a few of my tips on how you should get ready this Diwali.

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Ensure Healthy, Glowing Skin For The Festival Season, Naturally!
Young traditional Indian woman portrait on temple background
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With festivities around the corner, we all become a little casual about our diet, exercise and daily skincare routine. However this seems to be the most crucial time to maintain it, since the festive times call for late nights, excess sweets, indulging in high calorie food, etc. Well, since we have been so diligent all this while, it’s alright to give ourselves a break. But make sure that we do not over do some things so much that our skin starts reflecting it by breaking out and being dull. Below are a few simple tips to keep you going through the festive season.

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8 Tips For Healthy Skin Before This Festive Season!
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Festive Season is about to begin and everyone wants to look their best on all the festivals. Be it your health, skin, hair or dress, you want everything to be perfect. What if we say that your skin needs extra care before the festive season so as to be prepared for the same? During festivals, you tend to put lot of make-up on your skin and also, due to heavy traffic on roads pollution level increases which is harmful for your skin & hair. Here are few TIPs that you must start from now so as to keep your skin healthy!

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Happy Dussehra: 8 Little Known Facts About The Magnificent Festival!
The Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Meghanada effigies before flaming, at the Dussehra celebrations, at Red Fort Ground on the auspicious occasion of Vijay Dashmi, in Delhi on October 17, 2010.

Dussehra is one the most popular festival that glorifies the victory of Good over Evil, truth over false and sin over virtue. It reminds us to walk on the path of Dharma, the righteousness no matter how hard times it makes you to go through. The festival inspires us the very fact of ‘Satyamev Jayate’, meaning it’s the ‘TRUTH’ that wins in the end. 10th Day of every Navratri is the festival of Dussehra, according to the Hindu Lunar Calendar. Effigy of Ravan, the Evil king of Lanka from the Epic Ramayan is burnt to celebrate the victory of God Ram who killed the evil power. It also marks the triumph of Goddess Durga over demon Mahishasur.

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