Pets Or Your Fashion Status?
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You go all ‘Aww’, when you see your friend has just bought a Cocker Spaniel and all you wish to do is buy one for yourself. Back in those days, everyone had that one little cutie pie as their family member, the Pomeranian and the Indian dogs of course! But the ones who had the rare foreign breeds used to flaunt their status. Yes, status! Even today, owning a unique breed of dog, a talking African grey parrot, squirrel or a Guinea Pig is more about fashion and status than love and care.

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Dog Training Basics for Your Little Pup

Pets are an important part of our life. A major chunk of the pets loving people pet a dog. Let’s know the things important for dog training.

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I am a Lucky Dog Owner!

There is no doubt why dogs are called man’s best friend. Apart from being loyal, they are instrumental in bringing positive changes in their owner’s health and life.

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