Muscles You Work Out While Gardening!
Workout Muscles

Never underestimate the power of your gardening sessions. No matter the size of your garden, big or small, you have an excellent opportunity to give yourself a decent workout. Since many motions are a fairly low impact, you can help burn calories, loosen up joints and muscles, and help tone your body without worry of serious injury. Of course, if you plan on doing a more strenuous task, such as mowing, shoveling, or bagging leaves, be sure to warm yourself up with some of the more menial tasks beforehand.

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Learning More About Yoga On The International Yoga Day
International Yoga Day
From the Expert

It’s the International Yoga Day today, and perhaps everyone who is a fitness enthusiast like me, is surely preparing themselves for a small yoga workout session either at home or in their respective workplaces!

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5 Walking Mistakes You Might Get and How to Get Rid of Them
Not Using Your Arms

Healthcare providers often recommend that people should walk thirty minutes to an hour per day to experience its powerful health benefits. Walking is an amazing exercise that can reduce your stress levels, lower your cholesterol levels, promote weight loss, improve concentration, and improve your fitness routine. However, if we walked the wrong way, it can

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Working Women in India? Here are 6 Tips to Stay in Shape!
Working Women Tips

Fitness is a choice that you make every day. Here are six tried and tested tips to stay in shape while you’re juggling office work and familial responsibilities.

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5 Health Practices That Help You Stay In Shape
5 health practices

For many of us who are stuck to our office desks for hours, it can be difficult to adopt measures that guarantee fitness. This is the reason why many of us shift from one fitness strategy to another and never seeing lasting results.

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9 Benefits Of Exercise Bike You Need To Know
Exercise Bike

Exercise, as we know it and as research proves it, undoubtedly has a huge, huge benefits to our body. Eating healthy types of food is one thing, working out is another. Exercise, unless your health condition won’t allow, is something we need all throughout our life. The forms may change, but we need it.

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Training At Home or In The Gym? Where Should I Start?
Where to Train at Home or Gym

You’ve finally decided to do something with your fat on the belly and do some exercises. It was hard, but you’ve overcome this barrier. The next thing is to choose where exactly you would want to complete these exercises – at home or in a gym. Where to be or not to be? That is a question.

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Whey Protein: 4 Reasons To Go For This Energy Boost
Whey Protein

Anyone who has ever been to the gym or has a friend who goes there must have heard of the benefits of whey protein for bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts. But the truth is that it isn’t just for them. Anyone can take whey protein as a supplement to exercise. Of course, anything, even whey protein can be bad for you if taken for the wrong reasons. If you undergo strict, fitting workouts, and have a proper diet that you can swear by every day, then you don’t need the whey protein.

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How to Stay Fit and Healthy in a Busy Life?
Stay Fit

To be fit and healthy despite a busy life is a very tight balancing act, especially when you are juggling to get so many things done at home as well as work.

There are kids to look after and family commitments as well as the office schedules that involve rushing from one place to another to meet the deadlines. More often than not, this leaves no room for that little “personal time” that you so badly need.

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Skip Not – 10 Exercises You Can Do In A Hotel And Stay Fit!
From the Expert

Waking early hours or rushing to the gym after work for your everyday fitness regime is now a part of all our lives! And agree or not, it has become an integrated part of our life which we all enjoy! But, what happens when we are on a business trip or a vacation? Does that mean you get to skip your workout schedules? Hell no!! You don’t really need a gym to stay fit and here are 10 exercises by Fitness Queen Sucheta Pal that you can enjoy in your cozy hotel rooms!

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Decoded: 10 Best Zumba Moves Right From An Expert!
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Fitness has been a part of life and these days people are inclining more towards it for very right reasons. And Zumba has become of the favorites of many, that is evident from the Zumba craze worldwide and is still on and on. And why it shouldn’t be, such an amazing way to reduce those stubborn fats but do you know everything about this fitness dance? How one should move and what it is best for? If not, no worries, I have broken down the categories and it’s benefits for you, so that it becomes easier for you concentrate on the right move as per the body requirement.

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10 Facts About Zumba, We Bet You Didn’t Know!
From the Expert

This class revolutionized fitness and dance. He conducted 9-10 classes every week, he then moved to the capital of Colombia – Bogota and became famous. Then he wanted to take Zumba to the world, so the best thing to do is take Zumba to the US. But he had to struggle in the US – sleep on benches and knocked on every gym door to accept his programme – Zumba fitness. After struggling for four years in Miami, one fitness director accepted his request. As he conducted Zumba there were other gym members whose interests were peaked and at the end of that one hour the class was full.

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Your Body Is Way Expensive Than Luxurious Brands, Take Care Of It: Vidisha Shahani

Vidisha says, it is good to stand for women abuse, child abuse etc but have you glanced at yourself, what have you done to yourself? Aren’t you abusing your body which is far more expensive than your branded products or delicious foods! Prioritize yourself, be fit and healthy and then fight for someone, being a motivational force.

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The New Workouts In Town!
woman exercising
From the Expert

Are you bored of hearing about the same old routines? Gym, Aerobics, running, and xyz regimes, all make you look for the refresh button? Then there is reason to rejoice. New forms of working out and getting fit are taking over the world. The world of fitness is always re-inventing itself to find the new perfect routine that engages the body and the mind. The good news is that besides the amazingly popular Zumba Fitness(which you should definitely try in case you haven’t yet), there are also routines such as Insanity, Masala Bhangra and Boot Camp waiting to be tried out.

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Facial Workouts – For Face Slimming!

That chiseled high cheek bone and slim face… Don’t we envy our favourite actresses, may it be Angelina Jolie or Kareena Kapoor? Yes, we all do and somewhere in our heart we all make a little bit of effort in looking like them, at least to achieve that slim face. But, if you are naturally chubby and even dieting hasn’t helped you reduce the fat on your face, here are workout tips that will help you slim your face. These are natural methods for reducing your facial fat, something that can also be achieved by contouring or cosmetic surgeries (which of course cost you a lot).

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How To Avoid Weight Gain In Diwali?
dry fruits
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Diwali is the festival of Lights and Joy. It’s time to enjoy and have loads of fun. And thanks to the goodies which we eat, no work stress and workout activities because of the holidays, there is a tendency to put on weight (fat) and go off track.

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The Workout Clock – What time is Best For Your Daily Workouts?
From the Expert

There are many theories about the best time of the day to exercise, various pros and cons for each option. You need to pick the cons you can live with and work with, to make the process easier. We can look at the dualities for each time.

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Do You Know The Harmful Effects Of Over Exercising?
Isolated tired young woman siting on spinning bicycle
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Nowadays the public in general has become very much aware of the importance of good health and fitness. So, most of them are on one or the other fitness regime, which is good. The Primary focus of exercise should be good health, followed by fitness and then performance.
But some people in their zeal and enthusiasm to achieve optimum fitness and look good, try to jump to the third stage in a short period of time which results in over training.

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